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  1. cardboard pirate

    Boot up Problems. Help Please!

    The fan is working, I opened it up and cleaned it out...now I'm just trying to figure out LiveCD to see whats wrong...
  2. cardboard pirate

    IRON ARTIST 100 Sketches-$5!!

    such a good deal people!
  3. cardboard pirate

    very cheap $5 full colour marker comissions

    alright i sent you a note though it probaly wasnt to helpful i was rushed but id love to draw for you.
  4. cardboard pirate

    very cheap $5 full colour marker comissions

    sorry for being so obsenly late responding but i would love to do one for you i noted you on fa ^^
  5. cardboard pirate

    very cheap $5 full colour marker comissions

    haha hopefully not many people
  6. cardboard pirate

    very cheap $5 full colour marker comissions

    hello! i am selling $5 full colour bust-full body marker comissions! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cardboard-pirate/ is my fa user page you can check out my gallery and note me there if you are interested! The funds are much needed for a rather expensive gift for my family for christmas this...
  7. cardboard pirate

    Sina's Super Special Awesome CONTEST!

    yay! is there a specific theme for the contest?
  8. cardboard pirate

    Watercolour Comission Sale!

    awesome! is the sale only for watercolours though?
  9. cardboard pirate

    **Help**Comissions Starting at $8

    ok happiness i get paye on friday.. so then ill see what i can afford
  10. cardboard pirate

    Art Trades or Cheap Commissions

    I would draw what ever you asked for (with in reason i have some restrictions)
  11. cardboard pirate

    Lamest super hero/villain

    Wolverine , I dont really have anything against him. I just never understood why he was so cool. villan: I agree with the Lex Luther
  12. cardboard pirate

    Where do you work?

    sadly i work at Coopers and a Dollar Store (not the cool independant ones but the chain Your Dollar Store with More its lame)
  13. cardboard pirate

    Awesome things you've done

    Thats actually pretty cool. my parents are old fashioned and id be picking myself of the floor if i ever said anything like that to them >.< hahah
  14. cardboard pirate

    Your favourite hero/villain

    hero : Richard Raul/Cypher awesome book series "villan" Sephiroth although he isnt really the villan so much as Jenova is...