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    Thanks, like your fursona too! :3 Really majestic and pretty.
    I have no idea, I just saw someone post a larger gif on an imageboard and I cropped it down to a usable size
    CASSAAAFRAAAAS! :p I can't find you on FA D: I tried searching Cassafrass before. Grr. ;w; Do come over more often so we can talk~ One day we shall Skype! Bwawhah! Thanks for checking out my channel by the way~ AND FERAL ART FOR THE WIN! -cheer-

    Really? I think there's Ohayocon or something like that in Ohio. There really ARE no furries here because that culture is only for the Jap and the US. Well at least you'll be able to join things in the future. I'm 17~ Just turned a while back. And I actually don't exactly have a specific persona, no. :3 I have a feral cat, a Lucario variant, an Umbreon mascot for YouTube but no specific one!

    And thank you for the sub~
    Oh and speaking about furries, I'm not extremely into Anthros, actually. I'm more of a 'Feral' guy. You know, four legged stuff? There's a lot of Pokemon that are like that :p I tend to feel kinda 'meh' with those anthro animals with giant boobs and all those humanoid traits xD A bit out of proportion there. x.x Oh well!
    CASSSAAAAFRRRASSS! *glomps* You're back! I was a little worried D: I thought something bad happened to you in real life as you haven't been here for many days (and you said you have irl friend troubles!) I'm glad you're still around~

    If you LOVE Pokemon, you should totally check out my YouTube channel! I make Pokemon-like music/remixes :3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxc0L7c76ib1bdbuUqAL0Q

    And welcome to the fandom! To be honest, I've been a furry for quite a while now, but I actually live in Hong Kong - China, and the furry fandom does not exist over here. I'm basically forced to find people and friends like you online! But then again...the timezones would screw me over as I'm 12 hours ahead and I can't always talk to people that much because of that :c Quite a bummer.
    Ouch, that sounds really bad, especially the IRL one! I hope everything's alright for you! I'm simply enjoying the summer, playing Pokemon and all that. How'd you find the furry fandom so far? :D It seems like you've been familiar with it for a while.

    Actually, if you'd like, Skype would be a much faster way to communicate! Do you have one? ^^
    Nice to meet you! :D *shakes paw* Saw you at the Introductions place. You seem interesting! Feel free to go around the forums and chat and all that! I'm also quite new as well! ^^
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