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    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    im late
  2. Catdog

    Internet pet peeves

    Maybe because it's not important? Online arguments aren't something people need to respond to. Tbh it'd be way healthier if people used their block buttons more.
  3. Catdog

    The internet view on furries

    Furry is a weird pseudo hobby at best so getting defensive about it is stupid. Every fandom has predators, trolls, idiots, and also genuinely good people who want to see their hobby not have horrible pieces of shit (such as Kero). While narrowing the fandom down to shitty individuals is myopic...
  4. Catdog

    Sadpanda canned

    Always knew that site was treading on thin ice legally but wild to see it finally get taken down. That's like when a bunch of those gross reddit subforums got nuked all at once and reddit was like "okay maybe some moderation" lol. It always happens like 5 years after the fact but at least it...
  5. Catdog

    Sad fact about your fursona

    My main hyena sona is very slightly part dog through unspeakable scientific horrors and wanting them to have warmer colors than a normal hyena. Also they dye their hair. My leopard and lion sonas both are sensitive to catnip.
  6. Catdog

    who likes wering collars ??

    Lot of reasons. One might just be for fashion (like big ol spiked punk collars), being a Huge Furry (especially canid furry, really good way to sort of identify as/with your OC) or as a BDSM thing. Shrug!
  7. Catdog

    Does your fursona(s) have any special significance?

    My main sona is a hyena named August (my real name) now. He's just "me but anthro". I'm hyenakin but the specifics of markings/color didn't matter so I just gave him nice warm colors and some bright blue contrasts. Warren (my current av) is my girl sona, so is essentially me when I feel more...
  8. Catdog

    Favorite song?

    I seriously can't get enough of this song
  9. Catdog

    What is your favorite borgor?

    Chili cheese burgers. :3
  10. Catdog

    who likes wering collars ??

    Collars are kind of a mixed bag for me. I love day collars (like simple locking steel bands, chokers etc) but big ol' dog collar looking things are like...nah. Just too clunky for everyday wear.
  11. Catdog

    Why Was Your Day Good?

    Planning a trip to a reptile convention next month!
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    What Are You Listening To?

  13. Catdog

    Cute thread

    imagine being this blessed