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    What's your preferred difficulty setting?

    Alien Isolation has to be one of the most frustrating games I've experienced on the hardest mode. It's been a year or so at this point, so sorry if my mind falters. The Alien AI is practically on your neck throughout the scenarios its involved, and the hardest mode resets your game if you die...
  2. Catolo

    The war is over.

    I would put this but more likely the instrumental version. Sadly couldn't find the instrumental version at all!
  3. Catolo

    The Most Infamous Furs Ever Met?

    If I ever get approached by an admin or majority rules against the contents of this posting I'll gladly put it down. It is not my intention to start creating more drama and divide among the FAF community.
  4. Catolo

    FurryKikMusicLounge? [Idea]

    Hello everyone! Been a while since I've been back on. Bone fractures are ass, anyways.. I've been wondering on creating a Kik group to hang with other Furs and enjoy the simple pleasures of music! What do you all think? Would you join this? Currently creating, will update when finished.
  5. Catolo

    The Most Infamous Furs Ever Met?

    I know there are some couple of bad eggs in every community. What my mind is wondering is has there ever been any fur who was practically banned for doing horrible things? This can also include any personal experiences. Anonymity please. Note:I know it looks like I like gossip, I've just never...
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    What's your recent musical discovery?

    Hey there everyone! Found these tonight after being sleepless!
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    Ethics On Fursonas?

    Hi everyone! Long time no see! I want to ask if there are some things I must follow if I bought fursonas from artists. Do I showcase them on my profile? With links to the artists page (obviously). I've never had my own fursona before (until a month ago when I bought two.) My thoughts came in...
  8. Catolo

    Ever Heard A Song That You Couldn't Find Ever Again?

    I did, but it went to the point where even google images couldn't bring up more cover art.. x3
  9. Catolo

    Ever Heard A Song That You Couldn't Find Ever Again?

    I remember, back when I was young and watched DirectTV, I left it on the obscure 9000s channels where music stations were on. I can specifically recall the sound of the guitar, soft chorus, the trio of trumpets blowing at the same time, a subtle bass in the background. This was all within 15...
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    What's your recent musical discovery?

    I don't know. But I do know this! .... "Everybody is a bit of a cunt sometimes!"
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    Music You Forgot Existed

    Recently, I was on youtube listening to my go to happy song "Over The Rainbow" By IZ(He has a large name so we'll keep it at that!) I decided to see one of the related videos and boy oh boy the nostalgia hit me to when I was young! Have you wonderful people recently discovered songs you...
  12. Catolo

    Favorite Cultural Music?

    Not sure if I'm wording this right so forgive me. Have any of you listen to cultural music outside of your own? Or even foreign singing to make it a bit easy. I like listening to instruments such as an erhu, which is my favorite foreign instrument so far. Specifically I love hearing...
  13. Catolo

    Ever Dealt With Toxic Artists/Commisioners?

    This question always goes through my head at some point when seeing drawings. Have any of you artist or buyers dealt with this?
  14. Catolo

    Any Steam Furs?

    Hi everyone! Just wondered if anyone on here has steam. Thinking of adding more friends...not that I have any I talk to. QwQ I just want to pm this stuff in case sometime in the future we're met with a forum raids. ^^" Hope to hear from you soon!
  15. Catolo

    Give a job to the furry above you!

    Stink bomb manufacturing. Scent department.