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  1. Cave

    Horsie needs a spot for FWA 2020

    *neighs* Hey there. Cave here. He needs a room just for Wednesday May 6th at the main hotel. He's a very friendly horse fursuiter. If you have any opening leave a comment or send me a PM. Thanks! :-)
  2. Cave

    Ever been threatened while fursuiting?

    One guy at MegaCon Orlando 2019 was standing in an Epic Photos line. He was making fun of my character and sarcastically said "Aww! Its a cute horsie! Its so cute!" He sounded like he was jealous too. Like whatever. People were staring at him too. Like what the heck is his problem. Several...
  3. Cave

    Hiring: Centaur Outfit Attachment Secondlife

    *neighs* Hello there. Cave needs someone to make him a centaur clothes outfit attachment on Second Life. An attachment that he can easily put on and take off, without harming his anthro figure. Maybe one of those poseballs on his back so he can be ridden. Ref. Sheet: www.furaffinity.net: Cave's...
  4. Cave

    Hiring: Aerotrim Animated Icon

    *neighs and whinnies* Hey there! Its Cave. Hey would like someone to make him an aerotrim icon. An aerotrim is that thing that has 3 or more rings. It also goes around in all different kinds of directions. It look something like this: aerotrim - Google Search But for the icon just want 3...
  5. Cave

    Horse needs a room for MFF

    *neighs and whinnies* Hey there! Cave here. Umm he needs a room for MFF Wednesday and Thursday. If you have a spot available PM me on here or FA.net. Thanks! :-)
  6. Cave

    What are some greedy things artists do?

    When an artist makes a journal about giving away free art and the instructions to do so. OK, so you do everything thaf instructions tell you to and wait for the artist response. And guess what? Yup the artist has the nerve to refuse to do the free artwork but instead do it for a small price. Its...
  7. Cave

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions

    Commissioned him for a cardboard cut out of my character. Great artwork and responds very quickly. Doesn't leave you in the dark procrastinating. Will probably most definitely choose this artist again in the future. :-)
  8. Cave

    Soft Shaded drawing for 8 ft. Cutout

    *neighs and rears* Hello! Cave would like someone to help him make a drawing so that it fits onto a life-sized cardboard cut out of him. Soft shaded preferred. High Quality so that it doesn't blur or smudge the image. The right amount of horizontal and vertical pixels so it doesn't make him...
  9. Cave

    Animated TF Headshot Icon

    CLOSED! I found someone to do it for me. Thanks for the replies. :)
  10. Cave

    Animated TF Headshot Icon

    *neighs* Hey there! =D :-) Cave wants someone to help make him a transformation headshot icon. It shows him in his horse head form and then slowly transforms into an angel dragon head. As an angel dragon head he tilts his head and blinks his eyes. The left side says "Neigh Neigh" and the right...
  11. Cave

    Convention Poster

    CLOSED! I already found someone to do the poster for me. Thanks for all the posts! :-) Had no idea I was going to get that much of a response. :-o Again Thanks!
  12. Cave

    Convention Poster

    *neighs happily* Hey there, Cave here! He wants someone to help him make a convention poster. He's seen some posters up on the wall or most of the time on those easel stands, but could never get one made for him at a con no matter how much he asked for one. This poster is going to be just for...
  13. Cave

    What are some greedy things artists do?

    I've noticed, seen, and heard that many times too. They say they are broke and need the money for vet or rent bills. But then a fews weeks they are at a convention or consecutive conventions every single weekend. Especially those very rich furs. This one guy said he needed $4,000 because his dog...
  14. Cave

    Star Fox Icons

    Hey there, everyfur! Cave here. I've been wanting these Animated Star Fox icons for quite some time. I've seen a lot of furs have it. It's the one where the screen pop ups and is all static in the beggining, the character in the cockpit is talking and laughing and then the little screen is all...
  15. Cave

    How Far in Advanced Should You Plan?

    If a hotel is all booked up its because they reserved it right away. But that doesn't mean you won't have a room to stay in. Many rooms are shared which means you might have a shot at getting a spot. Look around at the convention's website forum and see if someone is looking for some people to...