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Cchytale Murilega

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  • All good, but if you ever have time and have a radio they are awesome to listen too.

    You know, its nice having a calm conversation this website. I feel like the forums are a plague....a little, meh maybe it gets better.
    They are on 93.3 on the radio, they are in the morning 6-11 am funny as hell radio show.

    but cool NY, and Florida I wish I traveled more.
    Very awesome, I am in the outskirt suburban areas. ( abington ) But I like to list major cities for Global reference. You south, east, north, west of philly?
    Thanks :p Sorry for late reply there lol, I don't come on the forums for long when I do get round to going on them :p
    I go to Burlington County College. Figures, huh? We wouldn't have to go to a house, maybe just to a diner or something. You know, "Going out to eat with someone from school." I saw a movie and went out to eat with another person on this site not too long ago. It worked out pretty well, so I've been more open to doing this sort of thing.
    I drive that distance to school... I'm not very social myself, either. And no one has to say anything about furries. But I understand, heheh. Just letting you know that the offer's open.
    We could meet up some time, if you'd like. 'Course, it's probably better to get to know each other first.
    Have a Hamels(home) Lee(33)(Home) Halladay(away) I have tons of old crappy players from the early 2000s and late 99's not worth mentioning
    Too bad he sucked today and gave up 2 Earned Run and hit someone. Hamels will be the star of the show this year
    Rather; it is this FORUM that is screwed. I'll take you all to hell with me. :j
    Total worth going to it, I use to go when the Phillis sucked and it was okay but the atmosphere at the ball park now is quiet enjoyable and very positive
    That's even BETTER I try to get down their as much as possible...DOLLAR DOG NIGHt though =)
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