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    After comission for sona redesign

    Hey! Can I recommend my fiancé? He's amazing at character design. Here are some examples: This is his furaffinity, if you're interested: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/draton01/
  2. Celeste~

    Show me your art!

    Last three commissions I finished!
  3. Celeste~

    Any Other Furries Suffer from Social Anxiety?

    YES. So glad to see I'm not alone with my introversion.
  4. Celeste~

    Requesting general crits?

    Yes Gnarl is correct. Either you need to change your snout to be facing 3 quarter view away, or change your horns to profile view :)
  5. Celeste~

    Your fictional character crush

    I haven't had a crush on a fictional character since I was about 12, and they were animal crossing characters, oh dear!
  6. Celeste~

    Sexuality in the furry fandom?

    Ironically I don't draw porn because I like it (I don't really have any interest in it), I'm passionate about human anatomy. I find it beautiful. I study it frequently through books, photography, and courses. It's something I'm really interested in. My commissioners get the porn they want, and...
  7. Celeste~

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Pokemon x and y (I have both) and pokemon black and white (both too) I play everything with my fiancé. Monster hunter 3 ultimate on wii u and 3ds. I also play animal crossing usually. I've been playing a lot recently while awaiting for my cintiq to be fixed! Can't wait for all the new nintendo...
  8. Celeste~

    Why are we attracted to furries?

    As far back as I can remember I always loved anthro animals (including walking on all fours types) I used to be a girl that thought the female characters were so pretty and beautiful. I loved any female animal characters because I thought they were so pretty. It was the eyes and looks for me...
  9. Celeste~

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I am soooo sure I visited your town in a dream the other day. I loved it by the way!
  10. Celeste~

    How Did You Choose Your Fursona?

    Oof, I have had many fursonas throughout my years of drawing. I can never seem to stick to them. It's so frustrating trying to think of what I really want my fursona to be! At the moment I am my own species. I'm a small person so my own rodent species seemed to fit really well. They're...
  11. Celeste~

    Iron Artist slots open!

    Please check here for more information http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5492954/ These are themed slots. And will be toned clean sketches.