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    I'M LEAVING FOR GOOD THIS TIME U GUYS not really I'll be back in 10 minutes
  2. Cero

    Hallo c:<

    XD u seem rly randum lol XD i am 2 tho so its k i think well get along gr8 lol XD c u around ttyl~ lol XD
  3. Cero

    How Many Hours a Week do you spend mindlessly browsing the Internet?

    I would like to revise my vote. But I can't. I didn't see the "mindlessly" part. I browse the internet a lot, but most of it is researching music or partaking in debates and discussion. I'd say I fall more in the 6-10 or 11-15 category.
  4. Cero

    Free Hugs

    What? This is the internet. Ehugs do nothing.
  5. Cero

    VGM has a heart problem

    Are you kidding me? The help was GO TO A FUCKING DOCTOR.
  6. Cero

    Ello Lovelies~

  7. Cero

    Ass to mouth

    hahahaha no.
  8. Cero

    I don't like to play Online games because everyone is rude

    This one time some 8 year old called me a shithead. Needless to say I quit playing immediately and ran to my mommy crying.
  9. Cero

    Who do you think are the best artists on FA?

    Shark_the_raptor of course ^.^
  10. Cero


    The stupidity of furries never ceases to amaze me.
  11. Cero


    TERRIBLE troll. Seriously, could you be more obvious?
  12. Cero

    Would like someone to color some of my art

    I'm pretty sure if the OP wanted fill tool colors he could have just done it himself...
  13. Cero

    ban from #furaffinity, most recent ban from here, etc.

    Knowing nrr I think I'm pretty safe in assuming he's the one who's been wronged. But what do I know? I like to trust.
  14. Cero

    ban from #furaffinity, most recent ban from here, etc.

    It's been mentioned in this thread already, it's not the threatening that the rule was made up to keep away. The threats that rule was likely made to stop are the "You're going to die tonight" kind of threats.
  15. Cero

    do you have pddnos ?

    That just means you're stupid, it doesn't mean you have Asperger's.