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    What is your sexual orientation?

    They both have a hole to plow, so either works for me.
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    Question on Bisexuals

    Plus, it's totally a got-to-be-willing thing. Of course, that only makes it better~
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    Bisexuals...which do you prefer?

    In all honesty... ... guys are more resilient. Can handle rough stuff a bit more than a chick can -- at least, most of the time. For that reason alone, I may have a slightly stronger disposition to the male gender, but it's so minuscule, it might as well not even be mentioned.
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    Admin Control Panel

    He just needs a good dicking.
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    Bisexuals...which do you prefer?

    Eh, before I was leaning toward women. Now, I can go either way with the same level of attraction. Doesn't really matter anymore. Both sexes have holes to plow. And they both have good and bad points. I couldn't really choose. Answer: No Preference
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    FA Fractal Policy

    Why should this even be discussed? What reason could they possibly have for banning fractals? Because it's computer generated? So what? Moving sliders to a particular point still shows skill, you know. Just because this medium has a smaller range of variable possibilities (Not to say as if that...
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    Looking for crime writer for short comic

    Eh, I'm too scared, haha.
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    Dude, that's awesome. Thank you. And yeah, the "other people's art" thing was basically all I had been doing before. But different artists have different styles and different interpretations. I'm trying to find a scientific constant. The factual stuff. What they derived their styles from...
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    Your favorite fruit and/or veggie?

    Your fruit tastes are exotic. And what's wrong with canned peas?
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    Online vs Real Life

    I kno, rite?
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    a big big question!

    Lol Miss, there, sadly, isn't a very concrete way to define a culture like ours. The best way to learn about it to to immerse yourself, and see it from the inside. Looking from the outside on in isn't very smart for the simple fact that almost every perception you'll find with be within one of...
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    Losing interest...

    We're maturing. Happens to everyone. I just got over a slump like that myself. They come and go, dude. Try not to think too much about it. One day, it'll all come back to ya three-fold. It's a cycle.
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    Online vs Real Life

    Obvious poll is obvious. Still though, I guess situations differ among individuals. But for me, online.
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    Your favorite fruit and/or veggie?

    You suck. But I have a similar problem. Anything "Banana Flavored" tastes horrible to me. But nothing beats that long, shafted original. I'm not gay.