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Name: Charles Gray

Species: Black tip reef shark

Color: dark blue hair and eyes, gray skin with black markings on the tips of his fins


Height: 6”7

Gender: male

Occupation: college student/sellsword

Sexual orientation: pansexual

Weaponry: twin Shuang gou and a dagger

Armor: leather armor

Clothing: blue and white striped shirt with black pants

Birth place: sapphire coast

Family: unknown. Presumed dead

Friends: Rory Pines

Rivals: None

Backstory: grew up in a state run orphanage. With the lack of supervision he picked up less then moral skills like thievery, brawling and lock picking. When he was old enough he joined a mercenary group to gain fighting skills. He learned to wield two shuang gou and honed his skill with a dagger. He also can go into a rage when he is injured enough this removes all limits on his body ignoring all pain but still taking damage which will eventually cause his body to break down. While he is in this rage he looses all sense of his personality and focuses purely on his anger and because of this he is ashamed after he snaps out of his rage. He currently works as a sellsword just trying to make a living.
Sep 7, 1994 (Age: 28)
Black tip reef shark




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