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Hey! I'm Charles.
My hobbies are; piano playing, computer programming, building mechanical systems and robotics, metal working, archery, listening to music, chess, chemistry, reading, gaming (anything starwars, for what type of game) running/going for walks, enjoying the outdoors, camping, woodworking.
Graduated as a sophomore. Got homework done in class, classwork done before anyone else got finished. That's just how I work, though. Each person is different.
Shy, I have a shell I 'hide' in, I am quite shy, but I can also be a social butterfly, depending.
Straight edge when it comes to drugs/ smoking or drinking. I do have a glass of wine, on occasions. Maybe a beer, maybe.. not fond of/ and very picky to alcohol.. I don't mind others who drink or smoke, though. That's their choice, I refuse to tell people what to do, just a general respect rule. Respect is earned, not automatically given.
Bookworm, a library is my version of heaven.
I'm a starwars fan, or dork, both work.
Comic con festival goer.
Piano player for a little over 11 consecutive years.
Eagle scout rank in the boy scouts.
April 7th, '93, birthdate.
I am absolutely open minded and non judgmental.
Again, shy shell holding in a social butterfly. Not really had the best school years, contributing to my shy factor.
Single and looking. Straight. Open minded and kink friendly. Monogamous.
Apr 7, 1993 (Age: 27)
Saint Helens, Oregon
Currently in med school.




-Your friendly 27 year old ginger dude.


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