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    Worst Rp Experience you had?

    Found a guy to RP with and he was the perfect RP partner. We shared a lot of interests, like transformations, and visions for our RPs and stuff, but the more we RP'd the more I realised all our RPs turned out the same way. He made himself the 'main character' a mary-sue that did nothing wrong...
  2. Charrburn

    show me pics of your fursona!

    I actually got two sonas atm, a wolf and a lion. They're both good boys. :3
  3. Charrburn

    Hiring: Looking for help to design/ref sheet of a donkeysona [40-80$] [closed]

    Thanks for all the offers! It's been really tough to choose just one, but I've messaged the artist. I will keep the rest of you in mind for other commissions though! :3
  4. Charrburn

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    Oh hi Mr. Dragon. Got any gold or jewelry for me?
  5. Charrburn

    Give the fur above you a new tail!

    Hmm.. a horse with a stubby bear tail
  6. Charrburn

    (Commission) Selling: Realistic art: headshot, half-body, full-body and ref sheet ($30-$300)

    Wow, I'm in love with your work. You got any example of a low detail half body?
  7. Charrburn

    Would you spank the furry above you? (give reasons why if ya like!)

    I'd very lightly spank while fearing getting kicked in the face
  8. Charrburn

    TF fanatic, Smash Bros lover and super furry

    TF fanatic, Smash Bros lover and super furry
  9. Charrburn

    Free Art: I wanna try out transformation (closed, working)

    Mild NSFW ref: www.furaffinity.net: Vince the Werewolf by Charrburn I would love to be turning into a werewolf under a full moon in a forest, on a hill or in a meadow! SFW and NSFW are both fine, whatever you prefer to do. Thanks for the opportunity! :)
  10. Charrburn

    Hiring: Looking for help to design/ref sheet of a donkeysona [40-80$] [closed]

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for a creative mind to help me design a donkeysona and draw a ref sheet of him (front and back view at least). I am looking for a certain artstyle, which is realistic but with a bit of cartoonish look. Here's an example of my wolfsona ref sheet made by the fantastic...
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    How disrespectuful, Young Man

    How disrespectuful, Young Man
  12. Charrburn

    Can we get some F in chat?

    Can we get some F in chat?
  13. Charrburn

    No you!

    No you!
  14. Charrburn

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Been busy with real life stuff mostly. :3 I just check in every now and then