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    1 for ANE

    Looking for Room for ANE. Non suiter and easy going. Cash in hand.
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    Looking for 1 more person for room at ANE 2017

    Ok sent him a message on twitter
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    Looking for 1 more person for room at ANE 2017

    Hello Interested in room. what hotel you staying in?
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    1 for Furpocalypse

    Im looking for a room for Furpocalpse. Ill have my car so if roommates will need a ride somewhere that will make me a asset LOL. I shower EVERYDAY and will will be respectful. Very easy going and hope to have fun! Choose ME! Any question please feel free to ask. also non suiter.
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    Can you be a furry with no fursona?

    I kinda fall in this camp. I find it hard for me to imagine or put myself into another body, personality or even roleplay.I really really want to but my imagination just doesnt work that way. Im really not the artistic type which is what the fandom basicaly is so In this regard I feel left out...