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    Tips for Writing Commissions

    Did a bit of hunting! Just on the first page of 'commission' branded stories, I got a range of prices and things, but it seems to fall roughly at ~$1/100 words. Some people seem to undervalue themselves (I saw $12 for like 9 pages somewhere, and another that was $4/2000) but about a USD penny...
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    Tips for Writing Commissions

    I'm actually looking for the same sort of help, at least as far as commission pricing goes. I'd assume word count would be a better way to price than anything else, but as far as cost/word goes, I'm at a loss. I suppose the easiest thing to do is sort of check out the writing category on FA and...
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    Short Short Critique Requested- "Flight"

    Thank you very much for the comment. I really appreciate it.
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    Short Short Critique Requested- "Flight"

    Thanks for the comment! However, I'm a little confused. If I may ask, what would you suggest I revise? Did I have spelling or grammatical errors? Does the story not flow well?
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    Short Short Critique Requested- "Flight"

    A piece of artwork on FurAffinity inspired this, but I admit to not saving the location. It's just a simple short short (less than 600 words) in which the world is dying thanks to humans, and the ancient dragons struggle with the end. Any critique is wholly and completely welcome; I haven't...
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    Making a Tail

    Having had plenty of experience making tails, I'm finally getting around to making a proper one for myself now that I have a decent fur. The only problem I'm getting stuck on are the 'blades' I want to have at the tip of it, like this...
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    Furs By Species 2

    Western dragon, here.
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    Pokemon Wifi Battle Anyone?

    Any restrictions?
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    Your Personality vs. Your Species' Personality

    What, exactly, are dragon traits? Most everyone knows the whole stereotype about sex-crazed foxes and badass wolves, but I've only ever heard one or two offhand comments about dragons.
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    my mate said

    Not to mention periods. And, you know. Grammar.
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    Applying Human Anatomy to a Furry Character

    I call for a sticky!
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    My love for pokémon has endured for over ten years. I don't know why. But I still enjoy being able to say "TYPHLOSION. KICK THAT OTHER GUY'S ASS." I can usually trade/battle mornings, around 9-2ish (GMT -7). I'll PM FCs once I grab up my games. Also, FUCK YEAH POKÉMON RANGER. :|b
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    Favorite Obscure Animal

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    I need Head.

    I'd say the easiest way to make it able to fit other sizes of heads is to get the largest measurement you can and work from that. If it needs to be smaller for anyone else, you could always carve a piece (or pieces, if there are other head sizes, too) of foam to insert into it that would make it...
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    Your mates species

    Dragon whose girlfriend is a Coydog.