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    hey it's you from omegle.

    hey it's you from omegle.
  2. Chief Mojo Rising

    Favorite heavy metal style (if any)?

    i like original heavy metal more than the other types, BUT (<---- that's a big "but") i feel like i'd be doing good music a disservice if i didn't share something i love dearly and enjoy listening to. i hope the rest of you metal heads like this shit too
  3. Chief Mojo Rising

    willing to draw (an) interesting character(s)

    if you're after a new task, i'd love to offer my animal character as i think it should appear. here's how i think it should look. he should be a respectable stoner stag, with a long mane front and back, he needs to be leaning either on a pole or wall like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and...
  4. Chief Mojo Rising

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    hi there. newbie to furaffinity here. but i've been writing music forever. figured i'd share my incredible music with all you incredible people. my songs are designed for stereo enjoyment and i will be personally offended if you try listening to my music through speakers in a laptop, tv or...
  5. Chief Mojo Rising

    brand new. lets see where this goes.

    brand new. lets see where this goes.