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    What do you think about the yiff side of the fandom?

    I don't mind it, I will say that I do get off to some of the stuff that's not completely crude and dicks all up in your face. I do think it's the main focus for the people outside of the fandom because it's the more interesting or "outgoing" per say. But some of the people that make the art are...
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    Theory as to why foxes are the most common fursona:

    I never had an attraction to Tails or any other Sonic character... Or, maybe just a little ;), but that's not what got me into foxes. I find them to be very majestic in their own and some of the fursonas I've seen are amazing. I mainly gained interested through Starfox as a kid and I never knew...
  3. ChikaraWolf

    Where's the Dubstep community on here?

    I LOVE Future Garage and UK Garage. If you like it have a listen to this guy > https://soundcloud.com/enigmadubz/enigma-dubz-ft-nr-back-to-the
  4. ChikaraWolf

    Where's the Dubstep community on here?

    If I'm not mistaken, Radioactive is Alternative
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    Where's the Dubstep community on here?

    Oh wow, I can recall listening to some stuff from 03-04 not to long ago, but at that time, like you said, nothing was really an established genre. Most of the stuff we hear today was just called Electronic, Grime, or Garage. I can't really relate to that far back though considering I started...
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    Where's the Dubstep community on here?

    06-09 was the best time for Dubstep. I like the new stuff, at least the stuff I listen to, but the oldies will always be the best.
  7. ChikaraWolf

    Where's the Dubstep community on here?

    Yeah, when it's mixed with rap or hip-hop it's called Grime. If you like it you should check this Youtube channel out > https://www.youtube.com/user/P110HD Posts grime almost everyday.
  8. ChikaraWolf

    Some things to help with depression

    It really comes down to what helps YOU, for me I can't be alone for long periods of time and letting my mind wander. For other people like you said can be alone for a whole day and not feel any depression. It also has to do with you, yourself, because depending on your attitude towards things...
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    Where's the Dubstep community on here?

    Just wondering who listens to Dubstep or any other genres that are closely related to it. Post what your listening to at the moment or what your favorite song is, I would love to know and have a listen. :)
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    Rate The Song Above You!

    Haha, my dad listened to David Bowie when I was a kid so I remember this very well :). 8/10 I know this might not be everyone's taste but to whoever sees it, give it a listen > https://soundcloud.com/sorrowgarage/spooky-black-without-you
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    Some things to help with depression

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I like to be alone too. But when something is already bothering me and I can't talk to anyone, it doesn't help. I really hope this is helping some people out with their depression, and thanks to the people who have given other ideas/tips! I for one will dance if I'm...
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    Some things to help with depression

    Hello... So as you can read from the title this thread is going to be about depression. Now, I can be happy one day and sad/depressed the next, and I've learned a few things that might help some people. 1. Try not to be alone for long periods of time. Once you are alone your mind can gather...
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    What makes you cry?

    I'm easily amused and I'll cry if I laugh for a long period of time (which is almost always). In all seriousness though, stress is the number one thing in my life that causes me to cry. Everything from managing school, jobs, money, my music label, etc. It all adds up and sometimes I can't bear...
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    Game Count!!

    Spreading over all my consoles and PC... I would have to say 300+, even though most of them I don't play anymore.
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    Greetings & Salutations!

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you have a good stay!