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    Carpe Diem

    Was a pretty good comic, had it's ups and down. I really don't see the need to flame the thread though. It's a comic about homosexual couples- big whoop. There's millions of heterosexual stories printed daily across the world. At least this comic is one of the better ones that isn't about...
  2. Chiper12

    Diseases - dead or alive

    This pretty much. Oh, and ADHD if that counts.
  3. Chiper12


    I used to live in Alabama. Most people don't talk like that, though the sweet townies do. :V You're more likely to find people speaking like that in Miami or Georgia. 'sides. People who talk that way are awesome. Edit: Fuck, they have vending machines for moon pies? Kick ass.
  4. Chiper12

    Digitigrade vs. Plantigrade

    I prefer plantigrade. Kind of like furries with humanlike legs and feet.
  5. Chiper12

    Furry marriages

    In a world where STDs and AIDS did not exist, and hybrids had a 20% birthrate, I'd say the final option.
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    To remove or not to remove

    Funny how everyone but you has provided a beneficial response. Though no one's perfect, I suppose.
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    To remove or not to remove

    Make it black or natural leather brown. Remove the ring. Also;
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    I hate playing games with people around.

    If it's just some console game or handheld game, then yeah, I kind of prefer being alone. But hell, if it's something like left 4 dead, or battlefield, I like having a few guys around with their laptops so we can start a few lan matches.
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    The New York Times answers the question: "Can Animals Be Gay?"

    Apparentlypeople aren't happy enough with obvious assumptions.
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    The Absolutly Scariest Game

    Fatal Frame II had a few small scares. Though F.E.A.R 2 takes the cake for me. Deadspace didn't scare me really, just got me anxious.
  11. Chiper12

    When Fur is Rubbed the Wrong Way

    Lol... The video itself was hilarious, the comments just made it funnier. XD
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    The New York Times answers the question: "Can Animals Be Gay?"

    Neighbor owned a pair of a male dogs that would take turns doing doggy-style on one another. Pretty sure it's possible.
  13. Chiper12

    Furry marriages

    Let anyone fuck/marry who ever the hell they want. Oh and allow gay marriage. (What? >.>)
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    Is there a specific name for male Harpies?

    He does. I've seen pictures.
  15. Chiper12

    Is there a specific name for male Harpies?

    I still want a man pie.