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    (Base/YCH) Selling: $45 Reference Sheets

    That's right, A Shaded reference sheet for only $45! Includes: Front/Back views 2 Headshots or close up/detail shots 2 Chibi outfits Color Palette *Additional $5 for Large wings and extra outfits/ detail images. SFW or NSFW Any Species or Gender Slots Available until November 1st, 2019 PM if...
  2. ChocolateCoins

    Hiring: $5~$250 - NSFW reference sheet of my Charmander-based OC [Closed]

    Hello! not sure if you want an anthro styled charmander or otherwise but I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring because you gotta be in it to win it! From my understanding of what you want my pricing would be $95usd, the price breakdown is below. 1x Full front view. ($25) 1x Full back view...
  3. ChocolateCoins

    Out of curiosity anybody here read warriors?

    I still keep up to date with the newest books even though I'm way old now, some of the writing gives me a serious case of the eye rollies but I feel like i'm too invested now to stop. Plus I'm just a sucker for anything with a cat as the main focus.
  4. ChocolateCoins

    Hiring: Artist For 2 Character NSFW Piece (Tentacle x Femboy) 80 USD

    Hi! I'd be happy to help you with your idea! Below are some examples of femboy characters and some flat color work as well as my price sheet. Here is my mainsite gallery for the nsfw images that cant be shown here. Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Hiring: In need of two refs

    Hi. My ref sheets start at $50 for front and back and 2 add ons, additional add ons are $5 each. I can do are and nsfw.
  6. ChocolateCoins

    Hiring: NSFW Commission (Closed)

    I can help you with that! Heres my prices and examples. Heres my gallery if you want to see more of my art. Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  7. ChocolateCoins

    Hiring: Gimmie dem commission~!

    Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's y Gallery, its mostly NSFW! Below are my commission prices!
  8. ChocolateCoins

    Hiring: looking for nsfw art for trans character

    Here's My price sheet and a link to my gallery since there's no NSFW allowed on the forums and all my most recent art is NSFW, feel free to pm if you have any questions! Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    Hi! I'd be happy to draw your cute cow for you! Below are my prices, and you can see more of my art here Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Predict the next poster

    Your absolutely right. I predict a furry whose been in the fandom less than 5 years
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    How to promote NSFW artwork?

    Try posting during low traffic times for your time zone. It's easier to get noticed when your pictures aren't immediately flooded off of the front page. If the low traffic times are during a winow when you're normally asleep you can use postybirb to do scheduled posts.
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    Artist disappeared - what to do?

    Hi! Im a bit tardy to the party but I would suggest doing a chargeback but then also sending the price of the sketch back to the artist. Although they did not finish your image they did do some work for you which should be compensated imo.
  13. ChocolateCoins

    Ref sheet for first sona, and maybe telegram stickers

    Hi! I can help you with your sona's ref sheet. My standard ref sheet is $50usd and has front and ack views and 2 close ups. Extra detail shots can be added for +$5usd each. I can do clean and nsfw versions. Send me a pm if you're interested in seeing nsfw examples.
  14. ChocolateCoins

    Reference sheet wanted

    I would be happy to make your ref sheet for you. My prices start at $50 for front/back and 2 headshots/detail shots/outfits/etc. Any other add ons are an additional $5 per item. Text is free and optional. Here is my gallery: Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    [CLOSED] Ref Sheet Redraw (Anthro)

    Hi! I am available to do your ref sheet if you like my art. For $60 you can get a ref sheet that is front/back and four extras/close ups/detail shots/outfits.Text is free and optional. You can see more of my art here Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net