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  • I'll still be notably infrequent for a bit more time.

    I have midterms this week, and just came back from some competitions, and have a rehearsal weekend over in PA next weekend...I'm not quite "back" yet, more so posting since the ban lifted

    I wouldn't say I'm doing better or worse. I'm more glad to be doing it at all.
    What did Kooky and Kin do? Whatever it was, I don't think they meant it.
    Ayyyy. I don't really know what I'm talking about sometimes cause of old fashioned fatique, so my articulation can be a bit sucky at times and give the wrong kinda image.
    Also I use harsher words than necessary for no real reason, so that kinda affects the text too.
    No need to.

    I hope you recieve it.

    PS: You got your root beer confiscated because it's forbidden to bring into EU food from outside of the EU, if it's not a part of the big export/import. Sending food inside of the EU on the other hand is perfectly ok.
    Maybe I do so much because I'm great? Hello? I thought it was obvious?

    I'm glad that you like it. I'll send it tommorow, most probably using a big envelope.
    What is your size? Smaller one is slim S and bigger is slim L but those shirts are quite big. I'm afraid that even the S can be too big - I didn't have the time to make them untill I ran out of XS's.
    In the worst case you can use them both as pajamas.

    No problem. I told you that I make custom t-shirts. Wanted to print sprololololion but didn't have enough time to get on the FAF and copy it. That event was a total slaughterhouse.

    Daww. <3 Well, that was certainly a great message to see before I log off tonight. Its only the truth though but you're more than welcome. And also: yes, let us begin our faf takeover, muhahaha! :V
    Oh definitely I'm think white and brown with red and black accents we'll look so fierce *snaps fingers*
    Psssst chuchi I found a doctor in mexico who will sew us together for 10 bucks
    Haha, no worries! It does feel like a more "exclusive" thing, for some reason -- like there aren't so many, y'know? I mean, I know there are LOTS of fans, but I never seem to run into any. So this is a very pleasant chit chat, for sure! ^^ It's all good!

    I love all of what Claudio has been doing -- Prize Fighter Inferno, the original comics, then the proper / updated / "official" Amory Wars; then also KillAudio and Translucid -- so I definitely understand. :) ~ My favorite song is also probably the title track, IKKSE:3, but I am also very much in love with The Willing Well III - Apollo II: The Telling Truth and Gravity's Union. It's really easy to find a place to get in, understand, and relate to the lyrics while feeling the weight of the music.
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