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  • For sake of noting time frame, this was before the re-release of Second Stage Turbine Blade and Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One -- as a week after this or so, I bought SSTB, and then like sometime after, they announced the "remaster" of it or so, and I bought it again. XD ~ I don't remember how soon or later that was, though; I just know I bought it twice for those reasons. ^^

    What about you? What got you into Coheed? :D
    An old online friend from maybe a decade ago -- who is a furry, but I didn't know that at the time -- asked if I'd ever heard of the band, and linked me their website with a few song samples / downloads. Basically, I got to hear Devil In New Jersey, A Favor House Atlantic, and I think Blood Red Summer. There might have been one or two more songs. There [was] a "sample" for Delirium Trigger, but it was a messed up file or link or something, and it would only play the first like twenty songs or so (the other three were full songs). I really liked what I heard, so within the following days, I asked my dad to take me to Rasputin's -- back when it was still open / local -- and I bought "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3." The moment the title track came on... I was basically blown away. And I loved it. Yesssss!!!
    Girl, I live in Texas. Boot checking is a must. Scorpions out the ass.
    and omigod. that. i love that. i want that. ugh. UGH.
    That's why for my late christmas I'm buying myself a sexy, sexy handheld 410 snake gun. Saw a gorgeous one for sale at a shop nearby.
    And it'll be in the middle of nowehere! And it'll have a huge wraparound porch! And I can just be NAKED all the time and it'll be GLORIOUS, WARM, AND COMFY
    I would be one happy mother fucker during those two months, that's for sure.
    I want to move to Death Valley California. It's just... it's in me to go that way. Out there in the desert with the tequila drinking weirdos. Desert rock. Fuck yeah.

    I deplore the cold. There's a reason why my 'sona is hellhound-esque. I HATE THE COLD. SO. GODDAMN. MUCH.
    I am absolutely shameless and wouldn't mind sending pictures at all, particularly as tame as I would make them. (I defintiely know the difference between tasteful and sending dirty pics. The latter is a past time of mine.) AND I DIDNT KNOW EUROPEAN SKIVVIES WERE A THING. And I'm fairly certain girls do that for each other. Yeah. I'm down for it! And deeefinitely am into denim. Just saying. Denim skirts and dresses. Lawd. <333

    And I probably will feel much better! For one I can turn the heater on without getting yelled at. :I That's the main thing I'm missing out on.
    I ammmm. I'm actually headed to Houston to do work since my family is literally doing nothing for Christmas, lol. So my holiday is unlimited hot water in a motel <33.

    Other than that, I've been super chipper. My body is curving out nicely and I am gaining form in my chest that ISNT man boob. Like, actual roundness, and it's just all very uplifting for me.

    You know I've been meaning to do that meme but I've been too lazy. The cold brings out the lazy in me, and my family's house is always cold, hahah.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope you're having a wonderful time with your family.

    Right, last obstacle cleared. Might wanna toss me your address on PM or on skype some day before the 14th so I can do some old fashioned route planning and memorizing
    If you feel like artsing, me and Zeitzbach are drawing together at the moment. (read, streaming arts for eachother)
    He's good, I suck ass but at least I'm doing something. We could try to get you in as well if you want. You can look at how bad I am and feel good :V
    Beep boop.
    I've pretty much sorted the tankstuffs car for 14th-15th, just one small obstacle to clear and I should be able to say I can come roll over in my rover.
    If something's come up and those days don't work for you guys anymore, do let me know.
    That is a bit too close for christmas I think, might have some visitors and whatnot, the general christmas hassle at that point.
    Not quite feelingfor a 800km round drive for tanks solely for one quick visit. Might just push it further unless..
    If I understood right, you need your husbando to drive you around, and evidently he works the weekends. I might be able to snatch the car for a random weekday or two, doesn't say it has to be a weekend I make the drive.
    Weekend just was more convenient for me, but I'd rather have a roadtrip with some extra work than no trip at all, if you still wanna panzer up in a small furmeet of sorts.
    Beep beep.
    About that tank trip thing. There might be an open weekend for me to make the drive in the weekend that comes after our independence day.
    If that works for ya, I can pretty much claim the car and whoosh over to stare-rape the panzers.
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