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    What's his name on there? I might already know him! Or I may have argued with him there. I GET EXTREMELY PASSIONATE AND OPINIONATED OVER THERE its kind of embarassing ; - ;

    It looks AMAZING. I've been playing this game since 2009 (didn't get to play the mod while it was still active) and I'm hyped as hell. Do you have a name/account on TWI forums though? We should bro up
    Oh yeah, silat.
    So I mentioned it awhile back.... Well I happened to find a seminar of it.

    So this is the final part, just basic cimande drills (not really application as learning certain movements), with cimande being a simple style that is pretty quick to learn and apply: http://youtu.be/lJz7ENjuu8A

    Elsewhere in those seminar vids are harimau (tiger silat), rikesan (joint-tearing techniques, mostly around the fingers and wrists in the vids), and syahbander (I think so, old old silat style that works from the inside).

    Starting my training in very early january, if I can, I'll either become an AT-jaeger or an artillery operator. We'll see how it goes, and yes, I am damn excited about it. It's gonna be fun.
    Whether or not I'll take up on that offer of the couch depends on if I can drag my brother with me to the tanks and double as a driver home. He's sure to have his own plans and whatnot and if it doesn't work I'll really have to consider that couch. I am a very cheap person and if I can save a buck in accomodation that's just a good thing. My trip to UKland two years ago was totally accomodation-free trip and I didn't get murdered by e-friends so I kinda doubt that'd happen here.

    Anyway, I might be able to make the trip even as early as two weeks, more openings every weekend as time goes by. Depends on just few variables, mainly how much the family sedan is being used.
    I'm actually kinda serious about that tank trip, it's fascinating shit and doubles as an opportunity to do a furmeet which I haven't done, ever... or any meet for that matter.
    I could/should try to get it sorted out about as fast as I can since the winter is coming and everything is gonna get covered in snow soon enough.
    I'm gonna start forcing myself to go to the library. Questionable content wont fly there. Too many old ladies.
    It's like, no wonder writers go to coffee shops and cafés. So they're not constantly looking at hot buff men in the buff and slinky women with cucumbers.
    That's awesome. If find myself going on slow drives when I need peace of mind driving is like my zen time.

    -and clutches and wails with- WE ARE TORTURED ARTISTS. Just...just I'll get back to that doc file eventually. I promise. I really will. We really will. Right? RIGHT?! ;-;
    UwU Well I'm glad they were worth something. <33 We all get in slumps. They happen for no reason. Sometimes you just gotta work on making ourselves as comfortable as possible. Like in the car on the side of the road when the storm gets too heavy to drive. That sorta thing.

    And oh Gawsh. -sobs with- I've got a half edited book sitting around just rottin. I really need to try and do setting with it. ;A; So that way when I make the best seller too I can take a vacation in Finland ;A;
    Hey just wanna say I think you're fucking awesome. I know it don't mean shit, but hey, it don't hurt to hear it once in awhile. Also something something, blah blah, I'm always here to talk. I don't have to tell you this to know it.

    But mainly I just want you to know I personally admire you. As a person currently in their early twenties, trying to get their shit together, and do all the things they want to--including finding a cool tiny fucking house to live in to settle down with a lovable piece of ass with a personality I can dig. Whether its here in Texas or somewhere else--you kinda showed me that I can find happiness wherever the fuck I want, and I don't have to do it right now to be happy. And plus, you kinda grounded me into realizing we all feel like hell from time to time. it's just natural.

    So... uhhh. Yeah. perkeleperkeleperkele
    I'm gonna start cursing in Finnish. They're so much fun to say.
    Hey. You want to shoot some tanks today? If yes then I'll be (most probably) online till 21-22 pm CEST. Search for Nutzz :p
    I don't know why I haven't at least friend-ed you on here yet. T,T Helllo!!! ^,^ **waves vigorously**
    Might wanna look up sleep apnea, it's a very common and serious disorder.
    I don't suppose you have a steam account I could add to my friends list?
    Would be cool to build a spaceship or take some tanks on a prowl as a perkele-squad one day.
    Thanks, i have it nearly engraved into my head, lost count how many times i've watched the trailer :p
    Ugh...that Porcupine thread was just SOOOOOO cute!!! I really, still, am not over it! I repeat it when I get the opportunity.
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