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  1. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furfaggotry at it's Finest?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpwJfgdzMLU This is where it gets gross! Not all furries are portrayed this way! And those who do this, I feel sorry for them.
  2. Chuong Cho Soi

    Where did all the sexual stuff come from?

    Moar liek someone got lonely and fantasized of two anthro foxes fucking each other; which soon sparked the popularity yiff among the lonly furverts in the fandom.
  3. Chuong Cho Soi

    FurSpace is down?!?!

    I've been busy with college stuff but I'll see what I can do.
  4. Chuong Cho Soi

    FurSpace is down?!?!

    Guys, get Xaerun to move this to The Den. I apologize for posting the topic in the wrong section.
  5. Chuong Cho Soi

    FurSpace is down?!?!

    I thought people would rant their anger about how FurSpace is going down. I didn't know where else to put this topic but here. You can tell Xaerun about this problem. My English is not perfect so I don't know where such topic would go to.
  6. Chuong Cho Soi

    Hats on wolves... ?

    It's very hard to put a hat on furries; especially foxes or wolves. So most of the time, I think most furs (especially those with triangular shaped pointy ears on the head like the candid ones) are better off without any hats.
  7. Chuong Cho Soi

    FurSpace is down?!?!

    www.furspace.com I went on FurSpace and the page was blank. Does anyone else have this problem? What happened there?
  8. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry Self Consciousness

    I heard that! Jackass! (Quoted from Sergeant Johnson from Halo 2.)
  9. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry Anime

    I don't know any "furry anime" but I know a few that contains furry. For example, Bleach has Komamura Sajin the giant fox.
  10. Chuong Cho Soi

    What would you do if your friends turned into furries?

    Enough about YOU! Let's talk about your friends at least. What would you do when you wake up one day and saw that your friends turned into anthros (or furry to say the least)?
  11. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry plots to kill parents and have his penis bitten off

    What the FUCK! Every news about furries, it only gets worse!
  12. Chuong Cho Soi

    So why is cybersex not age rated?

    It's because they're horny bastards waiting for a three some or more so they can save a log of that and submit that as yiffy content. That's why!
  13. Chuong Cho Soi

    Mom and or Dad Finding out

    I'm straight but I know a lot of gays, bis, and lesbians. Knowing I was raised in Denmark, most Danish parents don't get upset at their kids for being gay or bi because Danish studies said that sexual orientation is genetic. And since I'm Vietnamese, in our culture, we don't believe in gays...
  14. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry Self Consciousness

    My fursona is a wolf but also quite a self conscious one. The only thing he's not self conscious about is his appetite for food. lol
  15. Chuong Cho Soi

    Favorite Old-School Videogame?

    True dat. I heard the Koreans play Starcraft a whole lot more than any other gamers outside Korea. I'm not Korean but I still find Starcraft as an excellent game!