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    Non-American Furs

    From what I have been told the LGBT situation in Russia is in large part a problem of prejudice among the population. Gay clubs do legally operate in Moscow but they usually keep a low profile as the government there doesn't outright ban non-heterosexual relationships but suppresses public...
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    Non-American Furs

    Yeah. Although there are conventions in Russia. How much does it cost to get from Ukraine to Russia? And for that matter what's the travel policy given the current situation between the two?
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    Non-American Furs

    I'd never move to the U.S. The only place I'm interested in visiting is New York. If you live in central or western Europe it isn't very difficult to find IRL meet ups. I got one in London coming up this Saturday. Plus there seems to be at least one convention per country in western Europe so...
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    Confuzzled travel plans

    Thanks! I hope to see you both there. One last question. What time should I be there for so I can make it to the opening ceremony?
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    Confuzzled travel plans

    Well I'm usually a bit... uncomfortable when it comes to cities but I'll take your advice. Thanks. Hope to see you there!
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    Confuzzled travel plans

    Hey there everyone! So confuzzled is starting in exactly two weeks from now. I've paid for hotel room and everything. My only concern is exactly how to go about travelling to the Hilton. My plan is to take the train to Birmingham international station and then take the taxi service to the...
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    If you could live in a different generation

    I WAS BORN IN THE WRONG GENERATION! With that out of the way this is one of those threads that always gets on my nerves. Mainly because of the fictional concept of generations. An idea which doesn't really have much going for it in academia and is more a marketing concept. One which isn't even...
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    Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

    It's quite a sorry state when minorities a government were never interested in helping are being used as an excuse for imperialism.
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    I feel ashamed of my fetishes

    Foot fetishes and all the stuff you listed are fine. Nothing wrong with it. Of course I doubt it's something you'd bring up in casual conversation with a stranger but in the online world none of this is worth being ashamed of. You keep on with that and know that what you do is A-ok.
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    Furry Pride

    By not telling my parents and exiting out of the screen every time my mother comes in.
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    Wow, how this decade has changed

    I hate to bring this up but where was MLP in that video? That shit was literally unavoidable between 2012 and 2013. Anyway I will admit I do kinda miss this form of internet. It's actually become part of this whole theory about meme culture. This is one of the few good posts on reddit...
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    Possible return to unironic internet

    I don't think VR can grow quick enough for something like that to happen. Not unless VR internet becomes a thing. I mean there's always endless new movies and TV shows coming out that people can meme so I think this is the most likely direction. One meme gets tired out and new ones come in. It's...
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    Possible return to unironic internet

    www.reddit.com: r/surrealmemes - [META] I created an analysis of postmodernism in memes This reddit post is (surprisingly) informative and thought provoking. It essentially says that we're going to go back to that old style of meme that wasn't a commentary or mockery of anything. In the...
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    100th anniversary of WWI

    I would like everyone to know that tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. One of the worst tragedies in human history ended a century ago tomorrow and I would appreciate if you all showed a little respect for this special occasion.
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    Let's Rewrite Steven Universe

    Man I remember Steven Universe in it's first 3 seasons. Back when it had potential and a narrative that made sense. Anyway can I propose removing onion from existence?