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  1. Cinnamon_Cat

    (FxA)(Weight Gain) Fatten up a kitty~

    Hello! My name is Cinnamon and I'm looking for a roleplay partner for an FxA kink focused roleplay. My character depends on my partner's preferences, and I will play as a neko, anthro or feral depending on their tastes. The kinks I would like to include are weight gain (up to immobility/blob...
  2. Cinnamon_Cat

    Hug, Give, Boop, Backrub, or PUNISH?

    *gives a spinach quiche*
  3. Cinnamon_Cat

    Users VS Staff Members (Ver. 2)

  4. Cinnamon_Cat

    Free Art: Some busts/headshots maybe!

    This is gorgeous! Thank you so much!
  5. Cinnamon_Cat

    I have, have you?

    I have not had food prepared for me by a chef at a hibachi table. I've never been able to sing, have you?
  6. Cinnamon_Cat

    The above poster dies, How?

    Killed by a pringles can accelerating at light speed
  7. Cinnamon_Cat

    Ban the Person Above You

    Banned for being too clean, let the furs dirty the carpet!
  8. Cinnamon_Cat

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    The button feeds me all of the sentient gummi bears! I'm hungry...
  9. Cinnamon_Cat

    Do you want your fursona(s) and/or OC(s) to "live on" after you are gone?

    I wouldn't really mind if my characters disappeared with me.
  10. Cinnamon_Cat

    Would you go on a date with the Avatar above you?

    Catnip? I'd most definitely date you after that, Yakamaru. In fact I'd do just about anything for catnip!
  11. Cinnamon_Cat

    Would you go on a date with the Avatar above you?

    Definitely! Another kitty? It's perfect!
  12. Cinnamon_Cat

    Ask The User Below You Anything

    Yes!~ What is your favorite food?