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  1. Cioze

    Looking for some art of mine and my bfs sonas

    They are a couple and cute pics of them would be awesome! Mana is a pretty shy but very friendly budgie. She likes seasame and peanut bars and other nutty treats, she even love fruits and smooties/milkshakes/coffee/tea/hot chocolate. She has a weakness for chocolate. Her diet is: Anthro...
  2. Cioze

    Fursona's jobs?

    I have one fursona that is a Mechanic (motorbikes), one that is a artist, one that is a student, one that is a military nurse and one I haven't choosen a job for yet.
  3. Cioze

    Looking for Furs

    I am from Skåne too! I live in Tomelilla! :D
  4. Cioze

    Looking for Furs

    Where in Sweden do you live? :D
  5. Cioze

    Looking for Furs

    Hello! I am looking for furs from Sweden, preferedly from Skåne since I would want furry friends (None of my irl friends are furries) It had been fun to get friends and hang out with them. :D
  6. Cioze

    Fursona Designs

    www.furaffinity.net: Reference sheet for Saylor (NSFW) by Cioze www.furaffinity.net: Secondary fursona Felix Snowpaw! NSFW REFERENCE!!!! by Cioze I will do design commissions (more info on my page: www.furaffinity.com/user/cioze) They start at $30
  7. Cioze

    Pokephilia requests?

    Maybe a Female Raichu having some fun with a Thunderstone? :D
  8. Cioze


    It took me 18 years to decide on my fursona.
  9. Cioze

    Adoption Hunting

    www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable! by Cioze I have this girl up for adoption Plus I can make Furry designs starting at 30 USD and you can get it done today!
  10. Cioze

    Buying a First Time Fursona

    www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable! by Cioze I have this girl up for adoption if you are interested.
  11. Cioze


    Link: www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable! by Cioze This lovely lady is up for adoption! Please PM me on Furaffinity and not here if you are interested. She is up for 50 dollars.
  12. Cioze

    Feral/Anthro Headshots, Full!

    Well maybe if she could look a bit sassy?
  13. Cioze

    Feral/Anthro Headshots, Full!

    www.furaffinity.net: Cioze reference sheet. by Cioze Can I get one?
  14. Cioze

    Free Headshots - 3 Slots [ > CLOSED < ]

    Ahhh could I get one for my fursona? I am interested in how my lil wolfy Cioze would look in your style, www.furaffinity.net: Cioze reference sheet. by Cioze her earrings and piercings is ONLY on her left side
  15. Cioze

    Looking for Icon/ref sheet

    Oh I will shout you out! Thank you