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  1. Claribelle

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel Icons for 12USD each!

    Reopening these! Best way to contact me is on my twitter: https://twitter.com/CharliesInferno?s=09 I'll check here anyway from time to time though
  2. Claribelle

    Hello there!

    Hey all! I go by Charlie online, I'm really not new here but figured I might as well post an introduction since I come back from ancient times mostly forgotten. I'm 26, haven'T really been active on FA at all, or anywhere else really, in a few years. I'd like to change that though! Some cool...
  3. Claribelle

    Hiring: Looking For A Reference Sheet By An Artist Experienced With Chubby Characters (Budget $50)

    Hey there! I love drawing chubbier characters as my own sona is one. For your budget you could get something similar ref (with a neater layout, I admit I was lazy with mine), where it shows an outfit example and an underwear/naked shot, or you could get one more like this where you get a back...
  4. Claribelle

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel Icons for 12USD each!

    I'll keep a long story short, I've had some unplanned spendings to do as my GPU on my computer fried. I decided to sacrifice a bit of my free time to do these instead, they fit the default size for FA's avatar, but I could do bigger if needed, and price would be adjusted depending on what you...
  5. Claribelle

    Wanting to draw specific NSFW things!

    So I dont usually draw NSFW but I want to have fun with colors... So if you could show me some colorful naughty bits i might speed paint some as practice! Bonus point for colorful fluids as well honestly! Any species amd if you want a quick look at my art my FA is in my signature!
  6. Claribelle

    Need Cock/ Bulge Reference

    Is it only crotch refs? You can check out my FA in my signature and while I do not have tons of NSFW since that's mostly private art for friends, I really enjoy working with anatomy and different shapes so I'm sure we could work something out. We could also work on a price together depending on...
  7. Claribelle

    Fursona redesign ref commission 15-40$

    A ref sheet from me usually starts at 50 but id love to work with you on a sketchy one like below for 25!
  8. Claribelle

    Dragon fursona needs a ref sheet. Can you help me?

    Hey there! I don't know if you found someone yet but I love drawing dragons! Here is my most recent dragon reference I did for a friend I'm just as comfortable drawing them in anthro forms and I could make a basic reference (front + back view) with the same quality for 50$ Or if you want...
  9. Claribelle

    Free mini painted flats

    Dunno what manokits are but they're pretty cute!
  10. Claribelle

    Free mini painted flats

    I'm gonna do a few more! still accepting suggestions!
  11. Claribelle

    What's Your Favorite Piece(s) of Artwork You've Ever Recieved of Your Sona/OC?

    I recently revamped him so I don't have much art from others yet but this one is my favorite
  12. Claribelle

    Free mini painted flats

    I have maybe an odd request! I got some new Posca pens and I've been loving them, but I'm still limited with my color choices, so I've been practicing both monochrome art and using alternate palettes. So I'm looking for either characters with only one color or characters you'd be willing to have...
  13. Claribelle

    Selling Pixel Icons!

    One last slot left!
  14. Claribelle

    Feral Cat Icon Commission

    Hello! If you are interested for pixel icons I have one last spot available! Feel free to PM me or contact me on my FA account
  15. Claribelle

    Selling Pixel Icons!

    They're quick and fun to make, so I decided to open up a few slots for classic 100x100 icons, any species, any expression you want All of these except one were made in the span of two days, so you should get yours quickly if you order them! They're all transparants, but usually best viewed on...