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  1. Claw_MacKain

    Userpage Customization

    Actually blood red and black is perfectly acceptable for someone of goth tastes like me. But as I said before, it is a matter of opinion and personal preference.
  2. Claw_MacKain

    Userpage Customization

    Well, to be honest, I wasn't suggesting a rearrangement option for FA. The userpage arrangement is good as it is as I see. But yeah, color backgrounds and fonts would be a nice touch. Also one other thing I thought of. If we really want to keep the ludeness down on the userpages not allowing...
  3. Claw_MacKain

    Userpage Customization

    That would prevent a great deal of the possible ludeness, which would be a good thing. I could easily deal with my bloody background or a plain black one.
  4. Claw_MacKain

    Userpage Customization

    Actually, you got what I said backwards. I had a black background with touches of red on it, but the font was red. Tried to make sure the font was a dark shade of red so it could be read even over the red areas.
  5. Claw_MacKain

    Userpage Customization

    Well, I don't think it'd be a bad thing really to get to customize your userpage. On the old FA it was a rather nice thing. I sort of had a bloody black background and primary black color with red font. Personally it really depends on how a person uses it wither it'd be a beautiful thing or just...
  6. Claw_MacKain

    Userpage Customization

    There's a few features from the old FA, I'd like to see come back to the current FA. There used to be a chatroom on the old FA and it was nice to talk to some fellow artists in real time like that from time to time. But the feature I'd like to see come back more than ever is the ability to...
  7. Claw_MacKain

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    My suggestion is that it'd be nice to have the member editable userpages again, like the first version of FA, where we could choose our userpage colors and put up our personalized banner. But another suggestion is one I think is more important, and that is the option to delete comments we've...
  8. Claw_MacKain

    Reporting FurAffinity Bugs

    I keep having problems with the catgorizing... It allows me to set the first two catgories, but when I set the species and sex of the character of the pic being uploaded after it's uploaded the species and sex are set to the very first options and I have to go back and edit the pic to correct it...
  9. Claw_MacKain

    Account Importing Problem

    When I try importing my account I get the same thing Arakupa got...
  10. Claw_MacKain

    Having problems staying logged in? Please post here.

    I'm having a problem staying logged in... While browsing FA or uploading my art there it'll ask me to log back in after a short while. My computer system is a Windows XP The Browsers are Internet Explorer 6 and Foxfire, however the IE was infected by spyware, so after cleaning the IE of...