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    Opinions on RWBY?

    RWBY is the full title. The creator is Rooster Teeth. They thought it would be good to take the main characters' first initials and mash them together for the title. It's also pronounced "ruby" which is a play on the main character's name being Ruby.
  2. Cloud Spire

    Opinions on RWBY?

    My experience has been a horrible amalgamation of pretty much all these posts. I was reluctant to watch it. It was ugly, it looked cheap, and it looked generic. Then find out my best friend LOVES it. So I decided that maybe it wasn't bad. I watched the first episode and cringed at almost...
  3. Cloud Spire

    Kingdom Hearts Remixes PS4 (Poll)

    The game recommends Terra, Ventus then Aqua. Terra gives you the meat of the story, Ventus fills in the gaps and Aqua ties it all together. As long as you leave Aqua for last, it doesn't really matter imo.
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    10 Days until CHRISTMAS!!!

    I got my Christmas present early since it was an emergency adoption (scottish fold kitten). The only other things I really want is Final Fantasy 15 and some Mass Effect DLC ._.
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    Closed again!

    Can I have the last spot OwO All I have is a description but she's simple. She's a tanuki (japanese raccoon dog) with blue eyes, orange skin (tongue, nose etc.), and her hair is in a ponytail with sideswept bangs. Hair color is the same as the fur and clothes are your choice. She's a carefree...
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    What was a serious turning point in your life?

    I know what it's like to realize most of your family sucks. It happened to me sometime in middle school with my late father's family. They ended up being two faced, bullies, rumor mongers and outright awful people. My mother wanted to make peace and forced me to go to family gatherings up until...
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    A Shy Hello From A Newbie

    Hello everyone! Tl;dr at the bottom. I've been lurking and getting a feel for the furry community for about a week now and finally worked up the courage to get involved or at least say hi. So I saw some anthro art about a week ago that struck me as really beautiful. I knew furries existed...