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  1. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Can someone draw this kitty for me?

    They are very playful and friendly Loves eating fish, chasing mice, and playing with yarn Their eyes are green and the color of their paws is the same color as their little nose Thank you!
  2. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Free Art: Cosmic Art 3/3 CLOSED

    So basically chocolate chip mint panda, he's a new addition to my OCs if you're interested in drawing something cute of him
  3. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Draw the poster above you thread

    I may draw your character soon but why do you feel the need to make alt accounts with a new sona just to get free art here?
  4. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Free Art: Help me build up my SFW portfolio! Get a free drawing!

    Ooh I'd love one! <3 Here is my Pikachu boi if he interests you! He's a wintery bab so maybe him eating a gingerbread cookie or something? I dunno, anything works!
  5. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Request: Hii! I'm looking for more art for my Pikachu OC!

    I named him Cocoa because of his love for hot chocolate He also loves being in the snow and making snowmen Cocoa is a kind, friendly and cheerful little pikachu
  6. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Random Requests Thread

    Hiya! Can anyone draw my Pikachu OC? I'd love more art of him ;w;
  7. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Art Trade: Quick art trades!

    I'm home! I can draw one of your characters now
  8. Cloudpuff The Pomeranian

    Art Trade: Quick art trades!

    I'm interested! I can start my half when I come home from my father's tomorrow