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  • Hi irresponsible insecure person who got over it and started being silly instead :D
    XD Dance for me!!! :V

    But nah, its just a general feeling. I've kinda been trapped inside the house...friends kinda busy lately. I should be enjoying my last few weeks in the usa but...i dunno. You know?
    why do you say that? because of my wonderful taste in music? |3

    lol I don't get on much, so don't expect to see me around often. you could try me on skype if you dare :V
    Hey Coco. If you're bored you can join me sometime on skype: yago_xiten.

    I'm a pretty approachable person. Plus I do an awful lot of internet activities which you may or may not be able to join me in. (As in just chatting or gaming or something. Didn't realize how creepy that sounded XD)

    Edit: Edited to make that sound less creepy.
    I cannot say. There are things I'd like to do this evening which could preclude it. Typically, I don't have such message services active every night.
    sure, I got my skype, MSN and steam on my FA profile if you wanna add, on on FAF
    Because you were wrong in what you said, you try and make us feel sorry for you by saying stuff like "do I deserve to die?" or "I am a smart, kind, loving person who deserves to have friends and be happy and not feel so alone anymore in life. Even friends who would be as fucking cold and unforgiving as yourselves."

    It's one of the things that makes people even more unlikeable.

    And they had certain meanings behind them. I am too tired and lazy to dig them up atm.
    No it's a club from a card suit. Fay helped me design that as my character's first design based off her cardfoxes.
    in response to your question in the robots thread: yes.
    I mean, I've only given extensive listening to three of his albums, and moderate listening to another 4. And he has like... 15 or something.
    Haha, well that makes that impssible then.
    But yeah I'll try to be on MSN more. Do I have you added in there already?
    I can't remember these kinds of things too well
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