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  • There was a similar image with Vini Reilly's face, but nobody would be confused by it, so I used Michael Cera.
    I'm just pretty much never on MSN these days. I'm always online on Steam though. Add me up if you want to talk one day

    ID: Mulk3r0
    Hey man. Re-adding you. I was about to leave the forums at one point but decided to stick around, so I'm adding a few people back.
    Pretty good man. I haven't been on Skype 'cause I've been too busy to hold a steady conversation. I haven't even talked to my friends IRL. I have today to myself later, so we can talk then.
    Oh. Sorry bro, I will eventually. Myskype's been acting up and I haven't really felt like bothering with it. I'll look at it once my exam week is over and talk to you then :D
    Oh it's totally alright. I didn't even know you had aspie :3
    Only thing that gets me is when people SELf DIAGNOSE and HIDE behind it.
    Ahaha, thanks. Though I may share this privilege with the several billion others that also live in countries other than your own, I am complimented none the less.
    ....no, I'm not saying that at all. What I mean is, if you go into a place and expect to find friends then you're going to have a mess. Just look around and find out what interests some folks. It could be a book series or game or something.
    First thing to sound smart and interesting: wait to post something until you have all the facts, and don't post the first thing that pops in to your head... it leads to all that crap in the thread back there. Standing out is not necessarily a good thing in this forum, by the way. And oh! Be careful if you take the psych. sanity tests if you have a diagnosed brain-issue like Aspergers... you have to show them that it won't get in your way when you are working.
    From being here I realize that it is more safe and fun to comment on other people's posts than post yourself in the beginning. There's a great benefit to listening in this forum.
    If you're going to rant or rave about something, I suggest doing research on it. That way, even if people don't like your opinion, you still know what you're talking about and doesn't seem like you like or dislike something for all the wrong reasons. As for making friends, just stop trying. You can't force a friendship.
    You have to be really, really, REALLY terrible for me to ignore you. If someone is incorrect then I correct them. I see it as some sort of perverse challenge or something. It's just how I am.
    Psychology is not all about "alterior motives." There is a helluva lot of science behind it. And I hope by the "inner workings of the human mind" you just mean the brain and how it makes us do things. I also hope you don't believe in the soul, because it contradicts a lot of the things Psychology teaches us. There is not just a single theory, and none of the infinite number of theories is by any means simple. To give you an idea of how complex the job is: it takes at least a master's degree (6+ years of college) to even be qualified to get a minor job in most psychological fields. I have 10+ years ahead of me before I can work in my desired psychological field.
    You don't just "distance yourself" from the patients, you look at them as something other than people a lot of the time, IMHO.
    Yes I am. To be honest, not a lot of people can do it. People think that you have to be caring to be one, but that's really not true.... you kinda have to know how not to get attached in any way and know how to turn off your morals at some point. It's a tough job... most psychologists actually have to see therapists themselves.
    In the "banned you - shut up edition" or whatever it's called thread :p

    Onnnnly jumbo size awwh yeah ;D
    awww, well your nose didn't look big in mugshots so I dunno what people are talking about :I
    and now I feel bad because I didn't take it seriously lol. I just got mine off google images. I think like 20 people banned me for not being an actual eggcarton so i changed it
    Oh god please don't be serious, I just have to make sure lmao

    I actually thought the nose was a mouth and that is was smiling really big, hah
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