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  • Thanks, haha. I'm almost glad that he got as many posts in as he did before he was banned.
    Clay was the one who made the quote worthwhile though, honestly xD

    And what in the worrrrrld is that new avatar? lol
    Sorry, I'm not available for IM that much, so I'll have to decline that offer. I will suggest that you check out my YouTube channel (KitOnVideo) and just watch my playlists.
    Oh my... You've won my heart with this "I love the Little Buddy comics too!" Haha. And sure, I'd love to chat with you by msn, PM me yours and I'll add you.
    It's not the dad of the family, it's the son Gregorio. You should try "Letter to his Father", "The Trial" and "The Penal Colony". Oh God these books are a 100% eyegasm. He also have more books, but you should start from these ones.
    You avatar brought me here. It's just... all colorful and I couldn't resist. Not fair!
    Oh hey! You like Kafka!? He's like... One of the best writers! (Well, at least I admire him) I've got his collection and all that stuff about him.
    Wow... This is the first time I meet someone who uses a quote from Kafka. I just... don't know what to say. Sorry I suppose...
    oh yeah I just remembered you said something about Skype the other day and wanting to talk on it so like. Sure, whenever, yo.
    Sure... Feel free to add me. My live email is Sarukai@live.co.uk
    Coco goes well with bananas. It's a fact.
    Do you happen to use either Skype or Steam? I admittedly try to keep my messenger services pared to just a few.
    There seems to be a lot of furs in Illinois, although with surprisingly few actually in Chicago. I'm in the Evanston/Northern Suburbs area--practically Chicago since the 'L' runs here.
    Because seriously, I ask anyone from Illinois "where are you from" and they are like, "OH! I'm from Chicago!" So I'm like, "cool what part?" and they say something like "Oh, Bloomington." And I know for a fucking fact that Bloomington or where ever is nowhere NEAR Chicago. What is it with all of the people in Illinois telling other people that they all live in Chicago? I mean I am smart enough to look at a map if I don't know where a town is, and I know that Chicago is not synonymous with Illinois.
    What part? The 90% of the state that claims to be Chicago or the southern tip? :V
    Alright I added you but it said something like authorization passport failed... idfk. lemme know if you got an add
    Hey, I can probably add you to ebuddy. I'm still not on my own computer but I figure we can chat anyways if I can find out how to add people on here hahah
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