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  • I don't really friend people on forums unless I know them for a while.
    Yessir, I actully just got Pink Flamingos today! I was going to watch it but the couch kept rejecting me..
    Hell yeah! Can't forget the catchy songs like Work It and Pass That Dutch either. : D
    The music video for Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam. Animated by the guy that made Spawn, very similar styles (may even be the same guy, I'm not really sure).
    There will always be people, especially on this forum, who are incapable of grasping a double entendre. Whether or not they are intentional and terribly obvious.

    Perhaps you want to say something but are inhibiting yourself.
    You are terribly strange I must say! Though I must say sometimes your roundabout way of making a point is amusing.
    I thought I said attracted :p but yes they do seem to have a habit of latching on to me...
    It's all right. And the fact that you even listened means a lot and speaks volumes about your personality and who you are as a person. You didn't just say "NUH UH" and balk, but are genuinely interested in hearing another side. That's good. So thanks for being reasonable and hearing me out on the other connotations of what you said were.
    well, I'll know what I'm doing soon enough.
    either I'll be doing a few hours work and then smoking some herb,
    I'll go straight to smoking herb. feels like it's gonna rain so I'm hopin' for the latter
    sorry, but we pretty much ran him off the forums, and it's been a while since I looked at his userpage but when I did he seemed to have abandoned post :( you just look him up on the forums though and check "view all posts" or whatever it's called and you should come up with something if you're patient enough :3
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