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  1. Coffee Lion

    Any girls who like girls in the fandom?

    A bit of a genderqueer mess who likes other girls. We seem to be few and far between. *shrug*
  2. Coffee Lion

    Does anyone else read Tooth and Claw???

    I honestly have no idea, you can get the first volume on amizon though.
  3. Coffee Lion

    What is the weirdest fursona you have ever seen

    The most amusing one I've seen was labeled as Multi-Powered Demigod Sky Dragon. Gloriously over the top. :)
  4. Coffee Lion

    looking for a name

    My apologies for poking fun. ;) For reals, though, here are some sites to help you get started for some naming research. Nameberry | Nameberry.com Behind the Name: Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings http://babynames.net/all/english
  5. Coffee Lion

    looking for a name

    john jacob jingleheimer schmidt
  6. Coffee Lion

    Is a coyote fursona stupid?

    Why should it be stupid? Your favorite animal is unoriginal? Who cares? Even if every other person has the same animal, you can still put uniqueness into your own character.
  7. Coffee Lion

    New to the Fandom

    By the way, Aozeth, welcome to the fandom. ;)
  8. Coffee Lion

    New to the Fandom

    *shrug* I can believe it. Funny enough, when I first was introduced to the idea of furries a long while ago, I didn't even know there was porn involved. xD
  9. Coffee Lion

    New to the Fandom

    You know what? I was about to disagree with you, but honestly, you are right. If one thinks about the earliest depictions of anthropomorphism... yeah... 'specially if we're talking 'bout Ancient Greece. I'm sure there are plenty others, like myself, who don't care for porn though. :')
  10. Coffee Lion

    New to the Fandom

    So... by this logic, does that mean that folks who are fans of Bugs bunny are furries? Or those who happen to really like the lion king? Or Arthur?
  11. Coffee Lion

    Does anyone else read Tooth and Claw???

    You can check your local comicbook store. Oddly enough, the tiny comic store that was in my town had Tooth and Claw, yet other much bigger comic stores around the county didn't. If all else fails, I'm sure you can find the series on Amazon, or another online store.
  12. Coffee Lion

    Does anyone else read Tooth and Claw???

    YEESSS! When I found the first issue, the artwork alone was enough to make me check it out. c: I can't wait to be able to collect more issues~
  13. Coffee Lion

    Best book series that you have read that is not very well known

    I didn't even realize The Sight had a sequel. :o Although, I know that the author has written several other books that I wish to read.
  14. Coffee Lion

    Good luck to you, yo. *thumbs up*

    Good luck to you, yo. *thumbs up*
  15. Coffee Lion

    what is your fursona

    Aw, thanks. :'D