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    The Vending Machine 2000

    The Machine gives you a small star candy inserts a quarter
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    How should I cut my hair?

    I want to cut my hair short. My hair is long right now but I want to cut it short now. I hate medium hair it's really weird why but I am not going to say because I may start rantting if I do this. I am a girl and I want to good short girl hair. hairs i have thought about: Bill cipher's hair...
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    Hello from the south

    aww it's so far away, now. Is that the only one, really??
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    My first con

    I was super excited when I went to my first con. I was only in the dealers rooms all day. So go to the con more then one day or you may end up like me and in the dealers rooms all day. If this is your first you may have to only go one day so if you don't like it. Save up also. Always have money...
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    Hello from the south

    Hello! Dose anyone know any TN Furcons?
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    I think you need to update some of these links.... Like the how to make a duct tape dummy. I am having the hardest part on the dummy so it makes me kinda sad the link dose not work
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    Should I cut my hair?

    My hair is really long and will stick out of the head I made. I made the head a little to small to put my hair up. I really did not think my head would not be that small... I am going to make more heads and will where my heads out at cons and stuff and I don't think it looks really good to have...