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    Seeking Superhero Rp Partner

    Looking for rp partner to create and build upon an unique superhero setting. Can do erotic situations, and can do short or longer posts.
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    Looking for Zombie Apocalypse Rp Partners

    It began in late summer, though nobody knew it yet, hikers, campers, and even folks living in the backwoods, disappeared without a trace, or only pools of blood and gore remained and tracks lost in the wilderness. All over the country, people feared they might be next in these random and spread...
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    Seeking new rp partners(NSFW/Kinky)

    Entirely adjustable my friend.
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    Seeking new rp partners(NSFW/Kinky)

    Howdy all, am on the hunt for new friends to make exciting and kinky stories with in a variety of settings and fandoms as well. Looking for switch partner to do an longterm story rp with nsfw fun. Roughly 50/50 Story to sex ratio. Give or take. Probably have some sort of plot where our own...
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    Seeking partners space furry rp

    Looking for peeps to roleplay in a futuristic rp, in space and in future dystopia and utopia of fun and battle.
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    Sonic: Battle for Mobius [18+][Group Rp]

    Cool, what's their general lore/backstory?
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    Sonic: Battle for Mobius [18+][Group Rp]

    Ivone Eggman[Bad Guy with Potential for good] Gerald Robotnik[Irredeemable Tyrant] Daughter & Father
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    Sonic: Battle for Mobius [18+][Group Rp]

    It's an AU, so any character can fit.
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    Sonic: Battle for Mobius [18+][Group Rp]

    Eggman has taken over most of Mobius with his mechanical army, turning many mobians into his robot army, all resistance seemed futile as princess Sally Acorn and the royal family of Hedgehogs resisted through guerilla warfare as Gerald Robotnik and his daughter Ivone Eggman subjugate all in...
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    Seeking Fallout Rp Partner's

    Okay. Would you like to do a sonic rp in pm sometime?