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    Word Search

    Poetigress is very correct on the statement. I have certainly had my share of bad-form since I tend to favor such action-based dialogue. Knowing how to correctly present it is the alternative. incorrect: "So what?" he sneered "I think so." he laughed. correct: "So what?" He sneered...
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    Looking for writers?

    Hey! Thanks for the acknowledgement, Damaratus! (Had to do a minor pronoun change though... guess that's what I get for using a nickname that ends with an "a").
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    Getting published

    I work as a freelance writer in several different areas. I'm on the freelance writing pool for a newspaper, I've had several short stories and poems published (though poems aren't really an area I focus on). Song lyrics, novels, and, yes, I admit it, roleplaying games. Though I'd prefer to...
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    Word Search

    Hmmm... this thread is right up my alley. I love words and their uses. Perhaps consider these? 1) alluded (hinting without coming out and saying something) implied (akin to the above, speaking with possibly devious intent) circuited (ie: speaking in a round-about way... and...
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    Show, Don't Tell

    The only thing I can contribute to this conversation is as the devil's advocate: Read "A Tale of Two Cities". NEVER let wordiness get in the way of telling a story. Sometimes there is no problem with saying a character is sad... there is not always a need to wax philosophical on the...
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    Summarize your writing philosophy in one sentence

    Memorable characters create memorable stories.
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    Getting published

    I originally got into published works by trial and error. It took about 6 years to get even a small thing published, but I did so by looking over submission guidelines with many large publishers. Some/many have open application procedures for anyone who wants to submit a manuscript, but be...
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    commissions for writing

    I think working alongside a writer is benificial to both parties since it's more creativity put forth in one direction. I don't make it a point to ask for people to draw any characters I've written into stories but I'm always glad to see fan art if it appears. Likewise, I've gone into...
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    A tip when uploading stories to FA...

    txt is the easiest way for people to read what I've uploaded to FA. no download necessary It doesn't permit many special text characters or any visual-heavy font, but that's the beauty of it: people get to appreciate your writing at its purest.
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    Having problems staying logged in? Please post here.

    OS: Win XE Browser: IE6 ISP: private DSL provider
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    Why is fa down? (click for information...)

    Being a writer first and foremost, I can agree with Vlcice about art being a main focus for FA. On the other hand, that's essentially what I expected from a gallery as most people that make up the online population seem to be more visual than they are lingual (couldn't say verbal, because we...
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    Forum set to England's Clock

    But things aren't supposed to be that easy! translation: Thanks for the info; simple answers to basic questions.
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    Forum set to England's Clock

    Out of curiosity (I've been wondering this for some time but haven't gotten around to asking) why is the time stamp on everything posted here set to the clocks in England? Is this forum-wide or is it a user setting I don't have set correctly? I'm not a message board regular so I'm not sure...
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    Account Importing From Old FA [Updated]

    I still have everything I submitted (oh yes... HUGE amount of 9 or 10 files) so I wouldn't mind losing all of that off of FA because it could easily be reuploaded... I'd just like to keep all of my original descriptions. As one of those "unknowns" that doesn't have a huge following or a...
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    Account Importing From Old FA [Updated]

    Can the resurrection of FA start with pictureless framework? Give artists a chance to edit their pics with their own copies for those who choose while you try to reconstruct the file and recover what may have been corrupted? At the very least it will provide the opportunity for those who...