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  1. coolkidex

    Do you hate your name?

    My name is Matt White... Imagine the torment because i happen to be white. :/ But i'm getting married soon, soooo... That wont be for long. Kthanx!
  2. coolkidex

    Personal belongings in suit

    My friend sewed a little pouch on the inside part of the belly... Worked fine, felt okay, as long as you weren't carrying bricks around in it. O.o
  3. coolkidex

    Any other snowboarders out there?

    *waves paw* hello! Fellow snowboarder here. ^^
  4. coolkidex

    Another What If scenario. So sue me.

    Yiff? I dont know man. Call each other by our furrynames 'n' such, and try to live on the island as long and comfortable as possible. That would give us time to think of how to get off of it.
  5. coolkidex

    High School Furs

    Freshman in high school. :3
  6. coolkidex


    thats why i thought it would be a stupid question. But yea. lol
  7. coolkidex


    This probably wont happen, but its worth a shot asking. Can somebody lend me their fursuit for halloween? Haha, i think it'd be the greatest thing ever for my neighborhood. Just a stupid question, but pm me if anybody isnt to busy laughing. :P Thankies!
  8. coolkidex

    do you have any animalistic traits

    Uh, out of choice i always go barefoot whenever i can. As for traits, i do perk my ears slightly when hearing louder noises or if i'm trying to acually listen. I use to play with my long hair a lot, but i cut a lot off... And i love playing with animals like they play with each other. Like...
  9. coolkidex


    Back to Framingham High School. Again. XD
  10. coolkidex

    Why don't we sue CSI?

    It'd be kind of hard because there isnt a leader of the furries... yet. *Cough* ZEN *COUGH* I was offended by CSI's portrayal of furries, but... Whatever. People have very fucked up ideas of what all furries are.
  11. coolkidex

    What's your age (again)

    interesting... There are some youngsters here. XD
  12. coolkidex


    uh... i'll play. I play baseball and paintball. baseball for 10 years and paintball for 4. their both fun to play. done.
  13. coolkidex


    This sum's it up quite nicely. When i came out to my best friend, i said i was bi to be on the safe side. But i realized that i was just in denial, so i came out fully. I'm still a closet fur, but thats just my story. Basically, if you like guys as much as girls, your bi. Happy?
  14. coolkidex

    Cub Porn nominated for Ursa Major Awards.

    I dont mind cub porn. I mean, its getting an award for a reason.
  15. coolkidex

    Eating habbits?