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    "So bad they're good" Games

    The bible game for gba. My curiosity got the best of me at a garage sale. It's hilariously bad. I thought maybe my lack of religiosity was the reason for my opinion, but my religious aunt confirmed its terrible-ness. That said, I found it fun to play through a little bit, killing here-tics and...
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    What are you listerning to?

    My old "return of the rentals" cd
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    Being comfortable with being a Furry....

    Hey, cyborg.franky38! Your experience with stepping into the fandom sounds a lot like mine. In highschool, I only had 2 friends that I would call close, one was my girlfriend. They have since moved away, but I think I'll be able to be myself again, in this community and make some close friends...
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    Most Fun Word To Say

    Confuzzle, as said in the toast boy videos from David Firth.
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    Hi, what's your favorite pokemon?

    A few of my favorites are Charizard, zangoose, sneasel, arcanine, houndoom, absol, fennekin, rhydon, eevee, lycanroc (both but mostly midday), and I'm sure I'm forgetting some, I'm so tired :confused:
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    Lens addicts?

    Sony certainly is interesting. They make mistakes and aren't nearly as experienced with cameras as canon/nikon, but they listen to the public's criticism and improve. I have heard that their customer service is lacking, but I have never used it. What I have found is that after getting my sony...
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    Who do we work as?

    I'm an applied math major entrring my fourth year. After that it's on to grad school for mechanical engineering.
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    Most Fun Word To Say

    That last one... I bet it is fun, but only once you can say it :D
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    Lens addicts?

    An 85mm is a great focal length for portraiture. I have a crop frame camera right now (a6000), so my 55mm is approximately equivalent to an 85mm on full frame, making it perfect for portraiture. Your 18-55 kit lens will do most of what you need, but much more possibility awaits. A wider...
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    Most Fun Word To Say

    Frangible bulb.
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    Let's brag about our craziest thrift store finds!

    I hit them all in my area. Goodwill is just the most common around where I live. There are 4 within an about 20 mile radius! Unfortunately, there's not much else here.
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    Let's brag about our craziest thrift store finds!

    Well, my "purse" for a while was a microphone case haha. Then I just got a bigger wallet. But yeah, if I needed a purse, Goodwill certainly is the place.
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    Let's brag about our craziest thrift store finds!

    Most Goodwill stops are not successful, but I have found some great stuff over the years. A pair of jbl l100t, l60t, l26. Also Dalmatian and border collie plush. And just recently I found a pair of 18" cts woofers for $10!
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    Cheer Me Up

    I would bet none of those jerks would have said it to your face. Anonymity, unfortunately, can bring out the worst in people. It's a shame.
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    Lens addicts?

    Anyone else fascinated with all things lenses? Anyone have a favorite with a special rendering? Anyone else strangely drawn to the radioactice thorium glass lenses (like the takumar 50mm f/1.4)? Anyone have a must own lens? Mine for example are the cheap holga dslr plastic lens and the beautiful...