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  • I'm on FA's main site 99% of the time so if you need me please look there! (assuming the main site is operational at the time)
    Glad to see you are a fan of Zorori as well! Haha I just have many wallapers of him already. ^^
    Aah thanks for the info! I'm way too nervous to post anything on the threads yet... but I'll try to get myself familiarized with everything in the meantime!!
    I realize my page is a little empty. I am starting everything from scratch, new computer and such. I have none of my old work on me and I deactivated my deviantart page years ago. On a side note I have been working on your character for hours its going to be great! Bed time for me now its past 3am..
    @ Xioneer Welcome to the WingNut Wolfpack fellow aviation enthusiast!

    There's more where that ultralight link came from. :p

    Of course I'll be visiting the great state of Texas! I do wanna be a NASCAR driver, and Texas Motor Speedway (Fort Worth) is one of my favorite tracks! ;)
    I'm glad my comment made your day. It's always a treat to meet high-quality people such as yourself.
    The Coyote Club doesn't have an official physical location at the moment.

    I live on the southeast side of Houston, Tx
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