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  1. Cozmo

    Tuner Furries

    High five!
  2. Cozmo

    are there any furry potheads?

    Put tax on hash and see where it goes >_>
  3. Cozmo

    You Help Me Pick

    Snow Tiger's the one Id go with
  4. Cozmo

    are there any furry potheads?

    Dude i was just referanceing to south park , take the joke.
  5. Cozmo

    I need to learn how to fight

    No one really fights me anymore since about 2 years ago a guy 3 years older then me was bugging the hell out of me so I tould him to fuck off , then we started fighting (with words) then he said he fight me the next day (with fists). After school the next day i was cycling along the back way...
  6. Cozmo

    Teenage furries?

  7. Cozmo

    Fursuit views

    I actually think fursuits are a bit creepy. Thoses eyes , forever stareing...
  8. Cozmo

    Tuner Furries

    If i could get any car id have to get either a mustang or a chevvy. I like tuner cars alot myself.
  9. Cozmo

    Lost Planet

    I played the online demo and kicked butt. Odd , im usually crap at thouse games.
  10. Cozmo

    are there any furry potheads?

    Drugs are bad mmmmmmkay?