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    WIIIID YUUUUUUuuuuuuUUUUuuuuuu
    I posted a link to the old replacement forum in Lynx Plox, although the thread hasn't been approved yet. An open chatroom would be a good idea, although personally I prefer a forum.
    Vogon poetry is ranked 3rd. A poem written by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Sussex is considered the worst.
    I merely restarted the game :eek:
    Alt-tab didn't work so to see what was happening on the stream I had to close it. Then restart and apparently it went black
    I could either go in two years from now or sneak it this year, i still don't know, things are weird right now and I don't leave the house pretty much at all anymore
    In the context of Homestuck ... sadomasopedorobonecrobestiality means this : the girl with the ram-horns from the video is the ghost (necro) of a 13 year old (pedo) that fused with a frog (bestiality) then entered a robot body (robo) that was programmed by the guy who built the body to love him, so she beat the shit out of him (sado) and they just duke it out from time to time (maso, I guess).

    Homestuck does the weirdest things.
    Not really interested in cons atm, plus I have a lot of college stuff to focus on AND a new job. :> Maybe sometime in the future I'll go, but not planning on going this year.
    Why would I be the evil clone you flipping forum poster ? This ain't Austin Powers, just because I'm belgian doesn't mean I'm the evil one D:<
    Avast! I took my profile pic' from this cartoon by College Humour. Enjoy. :3 Oh right, here you go. It's totally not lesbo, though. You perv.
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