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  1. CreamyOpossum

    What Should Be Valued More? Traditional or Digital Art?

    Hey there fellow furs! Lately, I’ve been putting together prices for pieces of art I can offer. Since that can be a bit of a thinker for those just starting out, I thought to look at what others are pricing their arts. From what I’ve seen, a lot of prices are for digital art of course but when...
  2. CreamyOpossum

    Feeling cut off

    Hi! Your defiantly not alone. I’ve been drawing furries for a while and tried to do some commissions but I haven’t even gotten one yet. I do get some great comments about my work and stuff and that’s cool. I wanna get out there a least a bit more to where people would be interested in getting...
  3. CreamyOpossum

    Free Cute Doodles

    What about my opossum Milo? Uhhm.. she likes dragonflies or you can draw here how ever you want, I don’t mind x3 thanks for the chance
  4. CreamyOpossum

    How did you react when you first saw or heard about Furrys?

    I didn’t really have a reaction. I kinda just became one back when I used to animate a while ago. I didn’t really know what a furry was at that time but I drew my wolf character, at the time, as such. Then later on I finally saw what that was called. I just thought that there was a bunch of...
  5. CreamyOpossum

    How many (main) fursonas have you had in your life ?

    I’ve only had 2 main ocs throughout 6 years of being a furry 2012-2015 Nightmare, female-an all black wolf with long hair that has red tips 2015 -now Milo, female- a creamy yellow Virginia Opossum