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  1. Croc_Takayama

    Summer Update + UI Status

    That actually sounds even better. Alright, sweet. Fair enough. Either way, I look forward to the new change.
  2. Croc_Takayama

    Summer Update + UI Status

    Not bad. I could get used to the look, but I have two questions. 1. From what I'm seeing in the screencap, both the favorites and watchers notice are together. I personally prefer it where everything is separate. i.e; 2 watches, 54 favorites, 3 submissions, 6 journals, 1 note. To me, that's...
  3. Croc_Takayama

    Troll, disgruntled admin, or hacked admin hiding harmless comments

    I know nothing about coding, but I'm curious. I'm sure there are FA members with plenty of knowledge of coding, and willing enough to help Yak out in that department. Why don't the admins take in a couple of coders and allow them to help? Surely that would make things easier for Yak?
  4. Croc_Takayama

    FWA 2010?

    I might be going with a friend. This is going to be the first furry con I've ever been to. Heck, it's going to be the first con in general! <3
  5. Croc_Takayama

    Full view

    I think it's the site. It's not working for me either.
  6. Croc_Takayama

    Upstate New York Furs?

    Albany NY. specifically Menands.
  7. Croc_Takayama

    Most Disturbing (or "WTF?") Movie you've seen.

    <_< i'm not sure if this counts for most disturbing or wtf, but i can tell you right now it's scares the shit out of me every time. American Werewolf In London. i've seen it when i was, like 10 or younger. i laugh at it occationally now, but it still gives me the shivers call me a wuss if...
  8. Croc_Takayama

    why dosent fa let you browse users?

    I Actually find The FA ranking system to be quite useful in that department. That is, if you already know the artist's name, because then you could just type it in and when the rank processes it, you simply click on the name and it brings you to their FA page. ^_^ It's what I use it for...