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    Crusene Critique Request

    What the heck, I'll start it off. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4529578/ It's a setting I've written only a little about, and I've posted a thread here some time ago asking for advice. I think I've finally gotten the ball rolling on this, though, and any feedback at all would be greatly...
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    Naming Conventions

    After first writing a long, rambling post on my writers block and the dilemma I've been having trying to write this, I've come to an epiphany. I know how they are supposed to be, I know the setting, I know how I want to evoke ideas and images in the writing. Yet 90% of what I've written already...
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    Shared Worlds: A community World Building Project

    Sounds like a fun idea to me; if I wasn't working on a couple of writing projects already I would be inclined to join. As it stands, I'll just throw out some brainstorms of my own. Browder: Sounds interesting, at least. You'd have news reporters at the scene, (maybe even have them change...
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    Naming Conventions

    Emphasis Mine. That's what I'm trying to work over right now. A couple of rough-draft examples are: Coyotl Drake Vulp Wulfs But let me clarify by saying I am merely interested in suggestions by other people.
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    Naming Conventions

    First off, let me say hello. I've been lurking around for a little while now, but as I've been getting more and more into furries and my writing I'm beginning to find questions that my High School English Classes failed to answer, or even address, at all. I figure here is a good place to get...