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  1. Cult_Imagination

    anyone want to try to make a furry horror game with me?

    looking for poeple new to makig games cuz idk shit either,ive recently got into pixel art and i feel like i could make some good stuff with it,as horror is my thing id love to make a game with somone who can code somwhat,this is more of a passion project,somthing fun to do,so im unsure wether to...
  2. Cult_Imagination

    been thinking of writing a silent hill inspired story

    so i've had this idea to write a silent hill furry story for awail,it would be a mixture of silent hill 1 and 2 but i'm a little lost on monster design ideas and some story aspects,if your curios about the story it's about a young mother trying to learn to love her son wail dealing with her past...
  3. Cult_Imagination

    I wounder how "Cats of Saturn" arnt a thing on e621 yet

    well tbf there isnt anything too graphic about this post besides the mention of porn
  4. Cult_Imagination

    I wounder how "Cats of Saturn" arnt a thing on e621 yet

    If you dont know what im talking about the entities im refering too are from the mind of Howard Philip Lovecraft A.K.A the father of cosmic horror. The cats are a race in the dream realm and live on the dream version of saturn. For some reason they hate earth cats,there bigger than normal house...
  5. Cult_Imagination

    cant seem to come up with a disgne for a character for a story,a wolf with a frog sack that has a zombie like virus

    So i guess i should describe the characters trait,i wont go into story details cuz thats for the story to do, Anyway the character is a anthro wolf tech-zombie,basicly the virus shes infected with turns varius parts of her body with tech and make her hunger for living flesh. Shes a rare variont...
  6. Cult_Imagination

    i have a bunch of buttons...

    no i mean like display them sysicaly
  7. Cult_Imagination

    i have a bunch of buttons...

    i have a bunch of buttons from getting countless of furry mystery boxes,is there a good way to display them all?
  8. Cult_Imagination

    can anyone sell me any furry paw gloves that mimic a tuxedo glove with white claws + black wolf paw feet with whit claws?

    reason why i speciflicly want gloves and feet paws like this cuz my fursona wears a suit with gloves and isnt wearing pants so his black fur is exposed,im planning on just buying a suit and black pants (or wen i get more money for digigrade legs) but right now i just need some paws and feet paws...
  9. Cult_Imagination

    have a idea for a fursuit but dont know how to carry it out

    i have a idea for a fursuit,not even sure if it could work but i want to make a full white fursuit,with no eyes or mouth nose ect,but it has screens all over its body that have animations on them,idk if bendable see through screens exist tho to do such a thing (guess i could just make the...
  10. Cult_Imagination

    had a idea for a gas mask furry species

    i have a idea for a gas mask type furry species where the filter would be a beak and when its beak is closed it can use the beak as a filter for deadly gasses or it could produce gas and when the beak is closed it can direct the gas for far reaching and when its beak is open it can do a close...
  11. Cult_Imagination

    are fur paws good for winter?

    im curious cuz i wanna buy some fursuit feet to wear for winter and mabye furry hands as gloves,but how do they fair in the winter? how much of a beating can they take,is it possible to get a custom furry boot spicificly for winter perposes? i was thinking on digigrade boots cuz they look cooler...
  12. Cult_Imagination

    what would it take to start a furry town/cosplay town

    im curios if this is even possible to have a town made for poeple who cosplay or are furrys,like a convention thats like a full blown town,tho i feel it will take ALOT of money,but besides money what would you need to start one and if its even possible,id love to live in a town populated with...
  13. Cult_Imagination

    why arnt furry equalizers a thing?

    i always see it in custom modles in games like vrchat but why isnt it a thing in real life,couldent we make a equalizer mask similar to the pup masks or mabye have equalizers built into fursuit heads or have fursuits wear equalizers
  14. Cult_Imagination

    been thinking of starting a furry channle need video ideas

    i was thinking of making it a mix of furry and gaming,but wouldent know how to start,any ideas