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  1. Curt Goynes

    Is online role-playing cheating?

    It is a very tricky question :) there is such a point of view that when a spouse imagines sex with some other person then it is already cheating. Even if this spouse never cheats physically.
  2. Curt Goynes

    your latest purchase ! :3

    The other day ordered another Spyderco knife. Hope that in a couple hours will have it. Can't say that I am mad about knives but some specimens make me spend money on them no matter the price.
  3. Curt Goynes

    your latest purchase ! :3

    How were your impressions after the trip? :) In a week I have a week vacation and considering some travel destination :)
  4. Curt Goynes

    Absent minded injuries

    I constantly hit my big toe against my gaming chair :( almost every other day.
  5. Curt Goynes

    What is the most expensive thing, that you want to get someday?

    That sounds really cool. Next year I will possibly order one at your store :)
  6. Curt Goynes

    Last movie you watched!

    It was Batman: Dark Knight by Nolan. One of my all time favs :)
  7. Curt Goynes

    Games that you played way too much, dropped, and have now come back to?

    The Dark Souls series. It is still interesting to investigate the world of the series. And the attention to details is outstanding.
  8. Curt Goynes

    What video game are you playing...

    Giving Just Cause 3 another go. Played it first on PS4 but it was near unplayable with the severe frame drops so I dropped it. However, with PS5 it's running at a locked 30 with no drops whatsoever, not even during the most intense explosions. And this game is so much fun. The traversal is very...
  9. Curt Goynes

    What are your hobbies?

    Gaming, reading (mostly detective stories), travelling (before the pandemic), cycling, and drawing. Thanks for recommendations! ;)
  10. Curt Goynes

    Let's talk about Gardening.

    Not sure that there are fire proof plants at all :) but I prefer so to say water proof plants which it is not necessary to water too often. Like cacti :D I have a lot of cacti in my room and I am calm about them when I have to go somewhere for a long time.
  11. Curt Goynes

    So. . . Destiny 2 anyone?

    I played it once or twice just because my cousin was preparing for some competition and asked me to join him in the game but I didn't like the gaming experience for some reason. But the graphics is pretty good :)
  12. Curt Goynes

    What Are You Listening To?

    A true masterpiece :)
  13. Curt Goynes

    Best video game music?

    The other day I managed to play a little in Cyberpunk 2077 and I must admit that the music in the game is gorgeous, my opinion. The game itself is still a bit glitchy (at least with my hardware) but the sound there is awesome :)
  14. Curt Goynes

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    Great analogy, true. But I doubt that BTC is that independent that when stock market starts "sinking" crypto will be afloat. It makes sense taking into account how volatile crypto is and always was :confused: