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  1. Cyndon

    College bound furs, and in-college furs

    i'm in tech school going through the Web Analyst/Programmer crap, as a prelude to becoming a Video Game Designer. Right up there in impossibility along comic book writers, Artists, and Novelists, but i still want to think i can do it... Maybe after i leave here i should start trying to get to...
  2. Cyndon

    A question (NSFW)

    not certain... i mean we're saying that its gained human-height intelligence as its talking... and most likely the neighbor would be pitching a fit about his dog being smarter out of nowhere and suddenly becoming bipedal... I mean, it'd be hard to catch a moment alone with the dog, seeing as...
  3. Cyndon

    If you woke up and were a furry.

    alright. If i woke up as a furry... first of all i'd be ecstatic. Now barring the military and scientific ramifications of the people hunting me down to experiment/exterminate, i would probably go through normal life as quickly as possible to get everyone that sees me acclimatized to the change...
  4. Cyndon

    Where the foxes at?

    I'm a fox... *looks around* am i gunna get hurt now...?
  5. Cyndon

    Would you consider me a furry?

    This has been Zaaz's "Final Thoughts" XDD (Jerry Springer... even down to the end XD)
  6. Cyndon

    Furry Novels, Would You Read Them?

    I would definitely read them; we just have to get a good author out there to publish one. As for the genre, heck i love fantasy and things related to it, so that'd be what i choose! but like i said, first we have to get a good author out there that isn't afraid of backlash for being a furry...
  7. Cyndon

    Professor Called Police After Student Presentation

    Yeah... i know they aren't insta-kill, it was a hyperbole statement, i should've taken the time to think of a more effective description.
  8. Cyndon

    what furry are you ? * points*

    generic alert: i be a foxxorz... (erm... fox) what...? it's what i like, so i'm going to be one. -_-
  9. Cyndon

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    I have a couple of times, and both of them had me waking up feeling... shall we say... disgruntled? <_< Though they were nice dreams too... me and my wolfy ^_^ and the first one was he and i meeting for the first time, too... =^_^=
  10. Cyndon

    Introduce your Fursona!!!

    Name: Petroso (Call me 'Rosso' please.) Age: 19 Birthdate: May 20, 2030 Sex: Male Species: Fox Anthro Height: ~5'10" Weight: ~180 lbs Appearance: - Hair and fur: all blue with grey underbelly - Markings: a ring of white fur on his tail - Eye color: gold - Other features: small scar on his left...
  11. Cyndon

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    i'm in ladysmith, wisconsin, united states, earth, the universe... oh wait, i went too far out didn't i...? >.< lol have a good one everyone :P
  12. Cyndon

    Would you consider me a furry?

    You are you. no matter what. even if you thought you were an animal all the time; wore the suit as often as you could, and did everything in your power to be an animal as much of the time as you could, in the end you can still say you aren't a furry and be right, because it's your evaluation of...
  13. Cyndon

    Professor Called Police After Student Presentation

    I personally believe that guns are a tool to be used as the situation presents itself, and never on another person for much of any reason save self defense and only when the other person has a gun! I know i'm going to sound like a fantasy nerd or an absolute dork, but i prefer weapons that give...
  14. Cyndon

    um... hello... *blush

    hehe thanks everyone! ^_^ i haven't been part of the fandom long myself, really, so if i say anything i'm not supposed to... you know... XDD
  15. Cyndon

    um... hello... *blush

    why thank you kindly ^^