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  • Not very much anymore. It's very rare that i'll actually be watching some of that stuff. If you wondering what stuff I make, I don't make anything. My computer is incapable of making highly edited videos.
    I've seen the anime and I think I know froggy from somewhere. Can't figure out where.
    I should try out the visual novel sometime.
    I wonder what happened to DD. If somebody ever comes accross this message, a small briefing regarding users quitting/dying/violating rules/sent to jail would suffice.
    My sergals name is hebrew in origin and my husbands is arabic in origin and I like both so much. Her culture is very much a combo of both
    then hopefully you noticed you answered yourself when asked about that remixed which is the one we joked about using for the national anthem, said remixed made by a fur.
    I just sat here reading your question...when you sadly actually answered yourself in that question...
    U.N. Owen as in the murderer from And Then There Were None, made in 1945.

    I'm not sure what you're talking about, sorry :x
    The way the ignore list works is that I can still see that you posted, but it's hidden unless I press a button to view the post.

    Don't worry, you aren't my least favorite. You're far from least favorite, especially recently. I originally put you on the ignore list because of a combination of you making stupid nonsensical posts on purpose and your obnoxious avatars/signatures.
    I never said it prevented you from posting here, I was just curious as to why you would.
    Well, it just seems like you don't really have any connection to the fandom or FAF. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than fine with non-furs being here, but ...why?
    Baby, you couldn't handle the Platinum Chip.
    "Inappropriate image links" and "intentionally breaking forum rules" were the ones I found BS. There were no links in my post and nothing to suggest I was intentionally breaking rules.
    That's the thing though, I got tempbanned for nothing, because I got infractions for things I didn't do.
    No, sorry. The reason I was tempbanned was because a mod decided he would slam me with infractions for things I didn't do.
    Sometimes you don't even want to try repeating your same mistake.
    You fall once, you suffer. You fall once again, you don't understand. You fall again, that's your limit - don't force others to get away, just run for your life.
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