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    Open Chat

    Regardless of whether you have the authority or not to handle the situation, you should report it as soon as you can. Let the professionals handle it. I also recommend telling about it to people working nearby, perhaps in a store front close to the smoking zone, or other people who regularly...
  2. CynicalCirno

    Hiya! I'm new here :'3c

    Hey. I've been a long fan of Touhou Project, perhaps even ever since joining this forum. I'm not too sharp about the furry community in general and FAF in particular, but if it's Touhou related, feel free to talk to me.
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    Another recurring visit.

    Another recurring visit.
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    Best video game music?

    It's a part of an album called "Touhou En Strike" by Cool&Create, a circle that mainly dabbles in arrangements of Touhou game music. This circle's style is very upbeat. I recently mail-ordered another album of them, "Touhou Strike", which contains some of the songs of the former-mentioned album...
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    What do you do in your spare time?

    I'm doing less and less of what I did in the past. I brought watching shows to a halt, and due to ISP problems I don't play multiplayer games as much. Waiting eagerly for the Terraria update and the beta of Starbound to play with my usual group, though. I spend most of my time listening to music...
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    What Have You Seen the Lifespan of?

    Old phones, not necessarily brick phones with antennas, but old Nokia models, may be useful in a robbery as a decoy for a more advanced phone. I haven't seen bulky huge radios in years but have seen more handheld ones(like CD/cassette players with an integrated radio) every once in a while, but...
  7. CynicalCirno

    USA moving to potentially strike syria

    I wonder why chemical weapons were the limit. It's not like the other tens of thousands of causalities didn't suffer at all. Bullets and shrapnel don't make a death any more peaceful. What I know for sure is that the UN inspectors are moving out of Syria today or tomorrow, and the Americans will...
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    Human To Human Mind Control Is Now Real

    I wonder whether it will be able to help paralyzed people. If your muscles were bad from the start, then more signals won't do anything, but if you can bypass a block in your regular muscle movement, then it should restore body functionality. May as well work with prosthesis. We should first...
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    Conspiracy Theories

    I don't like conspiracy theories: 1)They're terrifying - Suddenly something unexpected pops up and you begin doubting people you'd otherwise admire. 2)They're pointless - connecting between people and speculating is really nice but it doesn't mean anything unless you bring me data, and I'd...
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    Your preferred type of headphones?

    Open back, circumaural headphones for a bigger soundscape that feel "alive", while still having relatively good isolation. I don't have any kind of those headphones around me at the moment. I use a Carcharias razer headset for all around computer use because I'm 24/7 in Skype calls, and the...
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    what other fandoms/subcultures do you belong to?

    Retro game music, Retro game music making(trackers), Touhou, Touhou music circles(of all music genres), Video editing(YTPMV), Demoscene(Using computer code to create very fancy, beautiful visual scenery - dates back to the oldest of consoles). I guess nothing changed since the last time.
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    Political Ideologies

    I hate democracy. I don't like having people whose opinions don't match mine in the same government, but... neither do them. It's probably the only thing that keeps freedom at bay, I guess. As for the political test, "You are a patriotic Social Democrat. 3 percent of the test participators are...
  13. CynicalCirno

    How's the scientific process on real life anthropomorphic beings coming?

    There are leads on muscle and skin tissue production. Scientists are currently working on creating bones from scratch. The target is creating natural human prosthesis, losing the potential in mechanical prosthesis, but making spare limbs much more friendly, in the way that more people are...
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    The "That Guy" Thread

    My "furry" history also originated in Gaia. My days in the Gaia group weren't long. I moved along to Youtube and talked with all kinds of furries. The kind of people who were there, and their speech... It hit me stronger than a train. Suddenly, there was a rain of fetishists and otherkins... I...
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    I am afraid of not having control over my own life. Conspiracies scare me and privacy is one of my top concerns. I also hate most kinds of tycoons.